Step-by step training you can see

The LITTER KWITTER Cat Toilet Training System ships with full training both in a printed booklet and a DVD which leads you through each of the training stages: Red, Amber and Green.

The DVD ships with subtitles in 5 languages - English, Dutch, French, German and Japanese.

Any training is much easier to complete if you can actually 'see' what is supposed to be happening at each stage (some people find it difficult to imagine what a cat on a toilet looks like - we see it every day around here!).

The training was developed by talking to Vets, Animal Behaviourists, Animal Welfare agencies (in particular the RSPCA) and real people with real cats. In particular we are indebted to Dr Joanne Righetti, a PhD in animal behaviour whose advice has been invaluable.

We have included the training movies here for you you to view in case you don't have access to a DVD player, or simply to preview how your cat might progress from yucky litter tray to clean toilet.





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