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June 2nd 2006, 07:28 PM
Hi, I am the proud mum of mouschka, a beautiful 9 month old brown burmese. We had a pretty good run training her with the progression from green to none really quick. How ever like other entries, she has started poo-ing on the floor next to the loo. We have also had to hang towels in the bathroom up really high or she will pull them off the towel rack and wee on them!
We went back to green for a few days, but today after I'd take the disc out to go to the loo, she jumped up before I could put it back on and did a wee without it.
So she obviously doesn't have a problem with balancing on the seat, and I'm wondering if it is probably the splash associated with number 2's hitting the water. So will try a bit of paper left in the loo and hopefully I can stalk her and catch her in the act if she tries the floor again (I did thoroughly clean it) and praise her if she does it.
We are so close! And I love peeking at her while she is perched on the loo, funniest thing ever! And you should have seen the proud looks on our faces when we heard that first pee hitting the water!
So hopefully next entry will be success and I can submit a photo

June 26th 2006, 08:08 AM
My Russian Blue cat Misha was making stellar progress on the LK, and is on the green stage, but has started to do the same thing as your cat and pull the towels down. He first did this about 2 weeks ago to wee on them. We're still on the green stage, and he pulls down the towels but now doesn't wee on them its as if he is trying to tell me "put some litter in my toilet, please, or you know what I'll have to do!". He's been on the green stage for over a month now and seems to be at a pyschological stalemate. I've reduced the litter to only a trickle, but he'll cry when he has to go to the toilet to let me know he needs more. Even just putting in a teaspoon full new of litter in the LK is enough to keep him happy (just the action of pulling out the bag of litter ans waving at the toilet often does the trick), but I'm now worried that he won't be able to get past this. I've got the toilet seat on top of the LK and he balances perfectly on that. Will I have to live with this green ring in my toilet forever?!