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June 2nd 2006, 05:17 PM
[N.B:Originally posted by: Sueautcher. Posted: 30 May 06 5:23 PM (N/A)]
I share the problem with many others of my cat not pooing in the loo. She usually uses her special meow that says 'it's poo time' and then I follow her to the loo where she scratches enthusiastically on the floor then puts her front paws up for me to pick her up and put her on the tiolet seat, then she happily poos in the loo.This has been her routine since she progressed to the seat. Recently we have been away holidaying for two weeks and my daughters did not have a routine or understand the 'poo time' meow. Now she just goes to the toilet and does her poo on the floor without telling anyone, same spot every time. So I am now ready to try a retraining strategy but not sure exactly how because I do not want to change too much for fear of having her regress and using different spots arount the house.
It would be nice to hear from someone who has overcome the problem with a simalar history.

June 2nd 2006, 05:19 PM
[N.B: Original Reply by Doogie Posted: 30 May 06 4:58 PM (Australia)]
Hi Sue, Doogie here,
Molly's problem of pooing on the floor can be overcome. It's a bit like what you say in your next post "Trying Too Hard???" (which is really great...check it out everyone!) about keeping it simple and being patient. Molly is doing us cats (and you) proud by getting the room right-she's racing you to the toilet...you've just gotta think about why she doesn't get up on the seat. Her routine was broken when you went away, when her "it's toilet time" meows went unnoticed, and she simply went in the next best place...on the floor right next to the loo. Till' then she'd done a great job of training you to lift her up and place her on the toilet (we cats have often got you humans licked!).
Maybe she can't reach the toilet seat that easily. Have you tried using a step (like a few telephone books)?. Cats really like to get our business out of the way as quickly, safely (and often as privately) as possible. A step might allow Molly (a cautious girl?) to make sure it's safe up there and work out her positioning before she's committed herself to the leap. Once she's learnt this she'll probably stop using the step and you should be able to take it away.
She's visiting the same spot on the floor every time? Well, we cats have excellent noses.You must clean the tiles (not with anything amonia based 'cos that'll draw her back itself, as there's the same marker in her own urine), then spray liberal amounts of enzymatic cleaner over the area she deficates on. Do this eveyday. Until you actually do this Molly will continue to revisit that spot. Enzymatic odour cleaners are available globally (maybe check the 'net for a stockist or distributor).They are used wherever odour is a problem with all animals & humans. They're safe & enviro friendly.
See how you go with these tips, and then if the problem persitst, look at other factors. As far as retraining goes, since Molly's progressed past the green disc already (right?), I understand your concerns about regression. But She knows she's supposed to go in the bathroom, and she's just taking the easiest option--the floor, also where her marker is--once she's there. You need to get rid of the marker, and teach her that it's easy and safe to use the seat herself. If you do go back to the LK, first go back to the stage where she was using it with most ease, and then she won't look for easier options around the house.
Check out this thread from below, also. It follows a few people dealing with lots of problems, and might help you out;