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June 2nd 2006, 02:44 PM
[N.B: originally posted by: My_menagerie. 02 Apr 06 5:33 PM (Australia) ]
Hi - I have 4 cats, 2 toilets (and 2 litter kwitters).
We put the 2 LK's in the bathrooms with the red discs and all of the cats happily used the LK's. We moved the LK's onto the toilets - still no problem, everyone was happy and no accidents.
Saturday morning we replaced the red discs with the amber discs and BIG problems. They wouldn't 'go' - then when the did 'go' (almost 24 hours later) they did poops in the showers (both showers) and piddles in the dogs bed (at least it wasn't ours).
I have put the red discs back in and have just filled the outer ring with litter and left the inner ring empty - has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

June 2nd 2006, 02:45 PM
[N.B:Original Reply by Verneet Posted: 14 Apr 06 4:19 PM (Australia)]
I had exactly the same problem because my cat was afraid of the water and the hole itself. As I wrote in my previous post (Amber stage AT LAST!) I had to drill small holes in the red disk until she was used it fine then gradually made a larger hole in the centre. This was done until the hole was about half the size of the hole in the amber disk, then the transition to the amber disk was quick and simple.
The main thing I can tell you is to go very slowly when making the holes larger as once the hole is cut there is no going back!!
Hope this helps! Oh and one other thing, it took my cat about 8weeks to get to the amber stage, but it is definately woth it.

June 2nd 2006, 02:46 PM
[N.B: original Reply by My_menagerie Posted: 16 Apr 06 5:44 PM (Australia)]
Thanks for that - I am trying the 'plastic slit' routine as I don't want to damage the red discs (we need two LK's). Hopefully the 'slit' will remove the nervousness.