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June 1st 2006, 12:33 PM
[N.B: Originally posted by: Ness. 29 Nov 05 7:56 PM (Australia)]
Hello! I have two cats - Fudge (ginger male - Fudge for his colour and because he is naughty and you are always going "OH FUDGE!!!) and Jelly (white female - Jelly because she is sweet and was all wobbly when we got her). Fudge is about 7 months, and Jelly is about 4 months.
We are on the Red Stage. Fudge is going great. He wees and poos right in the middle of the tray and is very proud of himself. Jelly will poo in the middle and wee around the edge, but lately she has started weeing over the edge onto the floor. This has happened 4 times since the weekend! We are using crystals and we keep them very clean. We immediately remove any soiled crystals completely so that it's nice and fresh all the time. Jelly will still wee or poo if Fudge has been (and it's the middle of the night so we haven't cleaned the tray), so we can't figure out why she is suddenly weeing on the floor. Should we move to the amber stage - Fudge is ready and maybe Jelly would deal with this since she seems ok with weeing in thin air!!
We want to catch Jelly in the act and correct her, but she never goes when we are around.
Please help!!

June 1st 2006, 12:35 PM
[N.B:Original Reply by Nicoletwocats Posted: 30 Nov 05 9:14 PM (Australia)]
I am having a similar problem both my cats are about 1 yr old, one is doing great, gets her bottom right in the outer rim of the red disc to poop and wee, the other poops mostly in the outer rim a little on the seat sometimes, but continually wees over the side, if I try to correct her, even gently with praise, she stays still, lets me move her then gets up and walks off, the only time was yesterday when I caught her mid wee and managed to move her forward slightly to get her in, it's like she feels she needs to sit in the middle of the kitty litter, which with her size puts her bum over the seat.
Also my friend suggested doing that moving on to the orange disc, both my cats ended up pooping in the bath, which obviously was better than a lounge or bed, but I immediately went back to red disc on floor. Should I try the suggestion mentioned elsewhere about trying the red disc in the old kitty litter tray, or should I just give it the two weeks and keep taking her and correcting her, or should I not correct her and just take her place her in the correct position but let her go how she goes. I know I have to go at her pace as she is the slower one of the two, I'm going through a lot of newspaper here (and come home to find half the kitty litter has been pawed out to where she peed over the side!).

June 1st 2006, 12:36 PM
[N.B: Original Reply by Doogie Posted: 01 Dec 05 2:40 PM (Australia)]
Doogie here,
One trainer, wrote to me a while back with a similar problem, her cat kept urinating over the side onto the floor. What she did was to insert a clear perspex or plastic type of " shield" or "guard" around the back of the seat. This assisted in two ways;
firstly-stopped urine going over the edge onto the floor
secondly-it pevented her cat from getting too close to the edge to cause the spilage because the sheild stopped it.
You could try it & as mentioned in other information the thing to remember is the cats intention is right there.
Needs work on perfecting the position thats all.