View Full Version : Been trying for 7 months, time to give up!

November 1st 2007, 11:49 PM

This is my last ditched attempt for help or advice before I throw in the towel and go by a normal cat box.

I bought the littler K in February and the cat in March, so there is no prior habits in my house to break!! It's not November... 7-8 months of this.

Kitty progressed from red to int. amber to amber quickly, and has even been using green for several months. She knows no other little box or location. She knows where she's supposed to go! Each and every time she pees, she cries and tears around the house on and off the toilet before peeing. I think this has given her a few bladder problems. Still, she pees in the thing. She'll go for a week and poo in the toilet just fine too, then all of the sudden leave it on my clothes, in the bathtub, or by the shower. Every time it's time for poo, she howls and cries and runs around the house searching for a place to go, on and off the toilet. If I'm here, I stand near the toilet and she'll finally poo in it. If I don't she'll leave it elsewhere most of the time. However, if we're on a long weekend holiday, she'll use the toilet like an angel every time we are gone?! At least twice a week, I'm cleaning up poo. :-(( Almost 8 months!!

I've tried going back to amber, but she won' use that one at all now, only the green. She sticks her head in the hole and cries until the green disk is back in place. I've done every other trick and I'm sooo tired of this and my husband is about to go nuts over this. My kitty is very demanding, but doesn't seen too bright compared to other cats I've had.

Any last thoughts before I give up? BTW If I block off her poo choices, she makes new ones... Agh!


November 5th 2007, 06:29 PM
When you went throgh to the green stage did your cat balk at going from one disc to the other (red - amber, inter amber - green)?

Perhaps you just need to stop putting the green disc in when your home, and then go in the bathroom with it. I seem to read in here that some cats are getting to one point or another and are dependent on that "once size" in particular disc and are refusing because it's left in place too long.

I think I may also be in this prediciment myself. But, thought I'd suggest it, and see if someone else has that same idea. I know at times we've had set backs, or balking with new stages and had "sit in's" in the bathroom until they finally went.

Perhaps this information will help.

November 6th 2007, 02:31 AM
I kind of assumed that every cat is a git confused for transitions. Mine did petty good, though I did use plexi from amber to green. Each time I heard her scratching in the toilet (always trans when I'm home all day), I'd dash in and sit on the tub and wait until she figured it out. It was always good kitty then treat, which was ignored. There was always a poo or two elsewhere for the transitions, nut then all was well, or at least as well as I described in my post. I don't know if my doing this made her refuse to poo unless I watch or am not home or what...

She has been on the green stage since June (1 month each stage) and during all of these she'd occasionally leave a poo elsewhere. We never tried to go away fro a night or holiday until after she was already on the green, so I only can say she's an angel with green while on holiday. Poo right where it belongs!!

I didn't understand what you meant about the green disk when I'm not home...

At this point, I'm thinking about starting all over with red on the floor, except in a different bathroom that isn't used by people as much. ?

November 6th 2007, 04:15 AM
Regarding potty-training with the use of rewards, the issue may simply be that you are not using the right KIND of treat. My cats are trained so that if I shake the bottle of treats, they'll both come running from wherever they are in my apartment. When I started using the treats as training aids, my torti Dijkstra took to it very quickly. Paqi, however, was having the common problem of pooping anywhere but the LK, and attempting to reward her with treats was not working -- more often than not, she would ignore the offering and run off IF I managed to convince her to use the Kwitter at all.

Determined to find something she was crazy about, I went to the petstore and bought a couple different types of treats and tried them all. I finally hit gold -- Tuna flakes. Paqi LOVES fish and will do anything to get them. She has not had a single accident since I bought the tuna flakes, and has actually taken to pretending to use the Kwitter with hopes I'll give her extra treats! (I've also caught her trying to nose open the medicine cabinet where I store them!!) On the other hand, I need to use the old treats with Dijkstra because she is perfectly willing to ignore the tuna flakes.

Bottom line, find the one treat that your cat will do ANYTHING to get -- it works miracles with potty-training!!:mrgreen:

March 13th 2008, 03:40 AM
I would asume it has something to do with you or attention seeking as she will go to the toilet without problem when you are on holiday. I am not a cat psychologist, so I do not know what the problem is...but why otherwise would it be working when you are not around?

April 30th 2008, 11:31 PM
maybe your cat doesn't feel like she has enough privacy? when your cat goes to the bathroom do you often watch her or go in the bathroom?

I know that with my cat, if he catches me watching him he'll get off LK and not go. He'll wait and go back only after i've stopped being a peeping tom.

Are there kids in the house? maybe noises? If he's going when you are away, there's gotta be some reason he doesn't when someone is there.