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June 2nd 2006, 02:16 PM
[N.B: Originally Posted by: May. 16 Feb 06 10:44 PM (Australia)]
Sorry - very long text here, but I'd like to discourage people who think their cat is doing just fine and progress faster than the instructions say you should! Of course, some cats will take to it like a duck to water, but it seems the majority of cats need major retraining. We asked our vet (whom we refer to as the cat whisperer) about the LK, and he said that one in three of his clients get the hang of it (one just gives up and the other just doesn't get it). Our cats are both pretty bright, so we figured we had a good chance...read on!
Gnasher is an 8yr old domestic short hair (6.4kg), and Gnala is an 18week old choc Burmese (2.2kg). I put the weights in because a friend of mine thought her cat would be too heavy at 4kg - I set her straight.
I bought the LK on Saturday 11/02 and put it straight onto the toilet. Gnala's old tray was next to the toilet, and Gnasher's was in the laundry sink (which is on the other side of the toilet, and handy as he has bad aim for wees). I placed them one at a time on the LK to show them where their new tray was. They both used it like pros and were very comfortable that weekend as we kept it scrupulously clean...until Monday when we went to work! Gnasher did a HUMONGOUS smelly poo right in the middle of the red disk, and Gnala reacted by using the floor around the toilet for both poo and wee.
I responded by progressing to the amber disk in the hopes that Gnasher would poo in the middle and let Gnala have a clean space...wishful thinking! Neither of them liked the amber - Gnala did a poo in the beanbag and I suspect she has done a wee somewhere I can't find, and Gnasher just held on and complained loudly until I put the red back on...have you ever seen a look of relief on a cat's face =).
I tried the green the next morning (despite Jo's constant advice of patience - sorry Jo!), as I was starting work later. Again, I placed them both on to show them the hole, and they both peed like pros (sending a pic to Jo of Gnala shutting her eyes in total concentration...). I got home very late that night, and neither had used it all day! Then later on, Gnala silently crept onto the beanbag and we only noticed because she started scratching to cover up! So hubby picked up the poo and Gnala (although I'm not sure which one I considered to be the poo right then), and took her to the toilet to show her where poos should go. THEN she went back to the beanbag, but we were onto her and she was caught before tooo much wee came out. Hubby put her on the green disk and held her while she went, and he said she seemed scared. So he firmly put the red tray back on and told me to LEAVE IT ALONE and follow Jo's instructions.
So back on red disk now, and both cats fine again. I'm following the good advice on this forum about feed times and toilet times coinciding, and more aware now of their bowel and bladder habits. It's been under one week and so many dramas already, all from not following instructions. So I will be good now, and leave the red disk in for 2 - 4weeks. I know one thing though - I WILL SUCCEED! As I tell my friends, I will win in the end, because I am bigger and, more importantly, I can open a can =)

June 2nd 2006, 02:19 PM
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Doogie here,
Your right May. Jo is my mother (I adopted her) Sometimes I choose to pay attention to what she is saying & sometimes I don't like when I'm sharpening my claws on her sofa!
However she is right when she says patience,love,touch & a special reward is the way forward when your both in training.
You humans gotta get tuned in to your pussy cats. Hey I like the sound of that cat whisperer vet - my vet Kay doesn't whisper anything to me!
Meanwhile, have a look at some of my tips & tricks.(I sratched the instruction booklet,you know) check out posts by me. These include:
1. Feliway for household with more than 2 cats training
2. Catnip spray for cats that need encouragement& confidence building
3. Special treats so your cat will link reward with the training

June 2nd 2006, 02:20 PM
[N.B: Original Reply by May Posted: 21 Feb 06 5:54 PM (Australia)]
Thanks Doogie - you're a star. As my beautiful Gnala is also a clever Burmese like you, I think she will be fine. Our cat 'whisperer', Dr Richard Gowan at the Cat Clinic in Melbourne, is looking forward to Gnala's success, as so many people ask him about the Litter Kwitter!