View Full Version : Handy hint?

June 2nd 2006, 01:34 PM
Hi there,
I have just read a couple of frustrated furry owner comments, and can totally understand your grrrrrr annoyance at how tiresome the litterkwitter can be when starting out. However, Molly is now on the greenstage and going well, i honestly never thought we would get to this point and if it hadn't had been for some great advice from other LK ventures and a very paitent husband she would be digging litter in a tray right now.
Persist, don't give up and yes it does take ALOT of paitence, but it is worth it.
I was having problems with the red to amber and then the amber to green stages, and a suggestion given to me (by a lady called May) was to put clear plastic under each colour and cut a slightly smaller hole (i celotaped this clear sheet to the base of the the tray) and gradually make the hole bigger as puss progresses, it does take longer and it is a little messy but I found the puss is much more comfortable this way and will do the deed in the right spot!
There were pictures on the last website Jo had up and running, sorry i don't have a digi cam to show you. Good luck. Also, I found the type of litter used in the tray makes a big difference to.