View Full Version : Help! Number 2 nightmares!

August 13th 2007, 11:40 PM
I have 2 toms, Scrappy and Sooby and bought the litter kwitter at christmas because I was sick of the disgusting smell of the litter tray. They were brilliant on the red stage no problems at all. Then we moved them onto the amber stage and they had a few objections at first but after a few days were both both using it perfectly. Then we put them on the green stage and they point blank refused to use it so we moved them back to amber and they then refused to use that too!!!

We moved them back onto the red disc and no problems. Tried to move them onto the amber stage and they will not do a number 2 on it!!!! They sit on it perfectly with both sets of paws on the front of the seat and urinate down the hole and if they miss I change the litter straight away so its always clean but still no joy with the #2's!!! Please somebody help it is driving me crazy!

I have tried putting foil down on the floor where they do their #2's but they just did it on the foil! I have tried ignoring them when they do it elsewhere but that doesnt work either. Any advice. Please!!