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June 2nd 2006, 01:15 PM
[N.B: Originally posted by: scoullar@nex.net.au. 24 Jan 06 1:55 PM]
I have had three cats using the green stage more or less reliably for a month now. There seems to be about one accident a week with no. 2#, and no wee problems at all. I am very pleased, but clearly they are still not 100% reliable. I think it is only one cat that is making the occassional mistake. When she does, I physically block the spot that she used on the toilet floor. This seems to work for a while, but then, in a week or so, she finds a new spot. However she must be going in the LK 90% of the time, as I find no accidents around the house and they are all inside cats. Fortunately I am able to dedicate the toilat to the cats and we humans use a second.
Do you think, if I persevere, she will become 100% reliable?
How long should I keep the green stage on? It has been up for about a month.
Thanks, Lucy

June 2nd 2006, 01:17 PM
[N.B: original Reply by Jo Posted: 24 Jan 06 7:04 PM (Australia)]
Hi Lucy,
Your doing a brilliant job, well done!
I would not even consider moving on at this last stage until all 3 are going as if it were second nature. Easy as she goes. Be cool, relax & let at least 2 months go by at this stage. Remember your training 3 cats not one.
I'd love some pics of your three( on the LK!!
Well done,