View Full Version : Afraid of Heights?

April 23rd 2007, 01:36 PM
Baby Falcore, 1 year old and about 8 kg, is afraid of heights....

He just doesn't get the toilet rim version of stage red.
We've built up the surrounding area with boxes and stabilised the seat as much as possible.

It is early days yet, first few days. It is just that the other two cats in the house are going great guns and I'm wondering if there are any other tricks that I can cunningly employ?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Rich :?

May 6th 2007, 12:20 AM
WOOHOO!! Falcore just used the LK for the first time ON the toilet!!!!!!!

We are so proud and SO happy!!!! Yesterday afternoon there was yet another 'Lets give up babe - I'm ready to give up' chat with the fiance.. But I said 'no.. People laughed at us when we bought this.. I want to show them up!' But I must admit it was looking pretty grim..

The LK has been on the floor for weeks.. and the last time we used it -last year- we didn't get up on to the toilet either. But this morning I decided to move it up. I put Falcore up there and told him how good he was and fed him the 'kitty crack'.

I just caught him sniffing around the bathroom floor and decided to sit him on the toilet.. AND HE PEED!!! He didn't just jump straight off..

SO HAPPY!!! Had to Share :D