View Full Version : 1 week in going great

April 12th 2007, 03:30 AM
Just have to say i have had the litter kwitter for a week and it seems to be working a treat (SO FAR)! i have two ragdoll kittens 6 & 7 months samson and simba. I started putting their existing litter tray on the toilet (it was steady) with a chair for them to get up to it. i did this for a few days until i got the litter kwitter (they were already toileting in the bathroom) and so i went straight to putting the LK red onto the loo. They had no problems with this! i did have to change the chair for a small stool and i have put a litter mat on the stool which does get rid of some of the litter tracking. The only problem was the first wee which went down the front rim (a bit of miss judgement but then the LK is rather a different shape to an ordinary litter tray!) Both are using it fine even no. 2's which they seem not to dig up each others to bury their own (lucky that) as i work long shifts some days, its impossible to clean it every single time. At the moment they have dry food down all of the time (they are still growing kittens although samson is the size of an adult cat already! - may have to stop this soon) so they eat when they want and therefore toilet freely and not at set times but this doesn't seem to be a problem.
i am tempted to go on to amber but think it might be rushing it - any comments appreciated! have i got clever cats or have i got far more problems to come??

April 14th 2007, 01:40 AM
have just decided to go for amber but after careful consideration have decided not to jump straight in. After reading other problems i am putting the red tray in the pan on top of the water (it sits ok) with a little litter in the middle. This will sit underneath the amber tray. The plan is that they get used to a hole first (not soooo deep and no splashes) This is going to be a real nightmare to clean but hopefully in the long run the effort will be worth it. I can't believe how much time i'm spending thinking about this! (my friends would think i was a nut case)
ever hopeful!!