View Full Version : Poo on floor if we are not home

March 30th 2012, 12:19 AM
My cat is in the amber stage for over a month.
He will pee in the toilet everytime. If we are home and has to poo, he will start whining and then digg virously in the litter. Then he jumps of the toilet, looks up, sees us and jump back on the toilet to poo.
But if we are not at home he will go on the floor.

I have tried washing the floor with vinegar, but that didn't work.
I have tried putting aluminium foil on the floor, but then when he diggs the litter falls on the foil and he will be distracted and stop going to the toilet.
We did the litterkwitter before and then he got to the green stage, but then he gott sick and we had to start over.

I don't know how I can stop him from pooping on the floor when we aren't around.

Can you give me some advice please?

March 31st 2012, 04:23 AM
What worked for my little sneaky kitty was to put a bunch of stuff on the floor in the bathroom. I have his food, water, bed, toys, and cardboard floor scratchers in there (its a bigger sized bathroom) and he has since never gone on the floor... but did decide that a great alternate spot is behind the curtains in the living room... and now I wish he never discovered that spot.

If anything, I think its better for them to have an accident on the bathroom floor or in the bathtub than it is in the living room or elsewhere in the house. 1) it is easier to clean up, 2) at least they are still associating going potty with being in the bathroom.

March 31st 2012, 09:33 PM
Different things work for different cats. Feliway diffuser in the bathroom, non slip tape on the floor, water in the tub and sink, keep off spray in the spots he usually goes in (Not too close to the toilet though, rather put the non slip tape there), keeping the cat in the bathroom at night and when you are away to prevent accidents in other rooms or put a tarp mat or shower curtain on the couch. Keep bedroom door closed. Some people use crate training on their cat. Keep a close eye on the cat when you are at home, babycall with video monitor or something like a drive away alarm in the bathroom to let you know what the cat is up to when you are not there. Potty dance. Keeping a schedule of your cats toilet habits, when they use it for #1 and #2.Make sure your cat is not constipated, give some canned pumpkin with the food, don't give food with beet pult fiber, the best would be grain free food. Use litter attractant in the litter....Hmmm, I'm sure there are many other advice as well, but can't remember them all...Many tips and stories here: http://www.litterkwitter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3095