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March 22nd 2012, 10:00 AM
I have two cats. One is taking to this training very, very well, my Ragdoll named Solo. The other is doing on average good, but is definitely not taking to the training as quick as the other, my Savannah named Kronos.

I think the reason why Solo is doing so well might have to do with two things.

1) Age. I did not start training Solo until he was about 2.5 years old. Up until that point he had perfect litter box habits, 0 accidents ever. Very religious about using his box.

2). Digging. Solo never buries his poop or pee. Instead he scratches the walls.

With Kronos, we started him around 4 months of age and he digs to China before going potty, and then obsessively covers everything up into a big mountain of litter.

Since Solo doesn't mind not covering his mess, the transition to the LK was no big deal..he doesn't care about how shallow or deep the litter is. Plus he wanted to use it since the scent of the litter is what he was used to using for the past 2.5 years, as he does not want to be a bad boy and potty in a place other than where his litter is found.

So far in training he has only ever had 2 accidents... all in the first two weeks of training for him. For the record he is now on green and still doing great, now for about 7 months!

Kronos as a kitten didn't have much time to acclimate to the flushable litter, and since the LK trays are so shallow he could not dig as he pleased. He is having to stay at each stage sooo much longer, and I have had to lock him in the bathroom and keep him confined and watch him like a hawk to prevent accidents. He will use the LK, but if he finds a rug or something else he will gladly use that instead of the LK.

Now Kronos is to the point where he is using it much better, but then he freaked out on amber. I got the multiple cat/intermediate kit and even with the tiny hole on the small amber stage, he still freaked out. I had to lock him in the bathroom for about two days, and praise him tons and tons, and he finally is using it for poop.

I know Kronos can do it, he just isn't as easy as Solo is. I think both age and the digging factor play the main roles as to why Kronos is more difficult than Solo is.

March 25th 2012, 09:06 PM
I know some kittens do better than older cats, but sometimes it's the other way around - so I'm not sure how much age has to do with it. I remember I read a about an 18 year old cat that was trained in only a few months...

I think who is the good or bad cat may change during training sometimes, it did for us. In the beginning Mina was the bad cat and Yedi was the good, then I got Miro and he was the bad and the others were good. Then Miro was suddenly the good and Mina bad, then Yedi was bad, then they all were good and so on...Yedi loved litter so he didn't have problems until the litter was removed. Miro had problems all the way up to green, but after alot of focus on him he stopped having problems and hasen't had one since.

I think that once you get Kronos on the right path, he will be a good toilet trained cat since he is not so attached to the litter. I'm crossing my fingers for you and hope you don't give up hope :)