View Full Version : New Kitty! New home! New toilet!

March 23rd 2007, 09:52 AM
Our new kitty Ella arrived from our breeders last Saturday and although she didn't seem keen started using the LK pretty quickly. bits of litter was all over the floor but at least she used it in the bathroom on the floor. Yesterday we progressed her to the toilet seat with the LK on it. She wanted to take a poo on the floor but I lifted her in time onto the LK before her poop dropped. I then placed her food and water where she previously wanted to poo. She started going on the LK by herself after that!

Today she ran into my bedroom with me in the morning and slept on my bed. All was good until a few hours ago when she decided to somehow take off her collar so I couldn't find her then when I got into our bedroom I found Ella pushing her 4th stool onto our bed. I freaked out a bit because the stuff really stunk and was steaming. Ella wanted to stay there but I grabbed her and put her into the corridor and shut the door while I cleaned up.

I have decided to go back to yesterday's step of allowing her only to move about in the hallway and bathroom. Hopefully she will find the LK again! :roll:

March 24th 2007, 02:11 AM
It's the day after Ella had a poo on our bed. I then tried to only have her out in the hallway and bathroom but she wasn't eating or drinking much. I had put the soiled duvet cover out in the hallway and later in the evening Ella decided to have a lengthy wee all over it. I was about to put it in the washing machine when my girlfriend suggested I rub her LK with it so that she could pick up the scent easier. I did this and this morning she used the LK for a number 2! Hooray!

I think the introduction of our new bedroom and using an enzyme cleaner on her LK was too much for Ella to handle. Wiping her urine all over the LK reminded her of where to go pretty quickly. It's not a bad smell and is fairly sweetly scented so it doesn't really bother me. She prefers it to be slightly dirty to clean (the white bit of LK).

April 18th 2007, 06:11 PM
I haven't updated this in a while. I stuck her onto the smaller orange ring when Ella did not poo or wee anywhere else for a week. A week later I stuck her onto the normal orange stage. She's still quite small and is curious about the toilet. When we take the LK off she will walk around the toilet & even jump up and join us humans when we go to the toilet, sitting on the back of the seat - yes that's right!

She has made no mistakes for a long time now and I am tempted to move her onto the green stage as she is still a kitten and cannot project her pee or poo past the litter. I have also wondered about just removing the whole lot and just leaving the normal seat on top of her white lk to see if she would go....

The only thing that is setting me back is the mistakes that some others are experiencing on this forum, but I wonder if it is different when training a kitten as opposed to a fully grown cat. The LK is all my kitten knows and has never experienced anything else in our home. I'm going to be brave and jump to the green stage later today...

April 19th 2007, 10:24 AM
I put Ella onto the green ring today. She got up onto it straight away and started scratching as usual, but she didn't go. I could read from her body language soon after that she really needed to poo & pee. A little while after that she got onto the LK and scratched around a bit. Ella then decided to go into the corner on the floor and sit in the squat position for a pee. I picked her up immediately to the dismay of Ella. I put 2 water trays there which Ella started playing with. She decided it would be funny to puncture holes in the foil so that all the water would leak out. She decided to have a little splash so that she could get the entire bathroom floor wet and was shocked when she slipped on the LK on her next attempt! I dried up the floor finishing with picking up the now dry water trays. I put them in the bath and when I turned around Ella was happy eating more food. I looked at the corner and there were 6 piles of stools waiting for me to clean up! I cleaned it up straight away and replaced that area with one of her drinking towers. It has been over 12 hours now and we have basically locked her in the bathroom until she pees. She is still eating and drinking so Ella will have to go at some point. She is meowing away telling us she needs to pee badly but she has held it in very well! I have decided to hold out until she finally pees wherever that may be...

May 12th 2007, 01:07 AM
After last time ella peed & pooed on the floor again so i switched back to amber. The other day I switched back to green and she has had no problem weeing straight into the bowl. She has now started to poo in the bath tub though - even when I'm taking a shower! I had put the old amber plate in the bath tub and she managed to find it and poo in it. I then filled it with water and she still pooed in it. I can't place newspaper or foil in the bath because Ella will just try to eat it (I have tried before). I have already put the amber in the toilet resting in the bowl underneath the green plate. I think I will fill the bath with water - just enough so she doesn't drown. As it is I'm not too concerned as I don't mind hosing down her poo with our power shower (still litter free!)

May 13th 2007, 08:24 AM
I cleaned down the bath & sink and filled the bath with water. Ella started sitting in the sink so I filled that too. I let her run about the house and without warning she jumped up onto the LK and did a pee followed soon after by a poo straight into the toilet! I am so elated! w00t w00t!

June 30th 2007, 12:49 AM
I've been trying to post on here for weeks! anyway ella is finally fully trained and it's been worth it! My biggest tip is to smear her poo all around the inside of your toilet bowl. ella had problems for a while with which direction to poo and wee when she didn't have any litter. Now she always knows which way to turn and also the scent is so strong for her that she will not make any mistakes elsewhere.

Our toilet does look disgusting now with her poo smeared everywhere but it's a lot more hygienic than when we had litter all over the flat! We use an anti bacterial seat and plenty of parazone (original) toilet wipes before each use of the toilet for us humans. The only thing that ella does in our sink now is sleep in it!