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December 18th 2011, 03:16 PM
My 7 month old cat quickly picked up on the Red stage. Went from the floor to the toilet with no problems and not one mistake in the Red stage. I moved her to the Amber stage. Dear Lord I have NO CLUE what the problem is, however all she seems to care about is the hole and keeps putting her paws and her head in it. She refuses to poop on the LK or in the toilet. I keep her litter in a cabinet in the bathroom. To my surprise I went in the bathroom, smelled pooped but no poop in the toilet/LK. She actually opened the cabinet, dragged her bag of litter out, ripped it open and pooped inside the bag of litter. I have no clue where she is peeing at (yet). She cant seem to get past the fact that there is a hole and she has to put her booty over it. All she does is play in the toilet now and has absolutely no interest in the LK anymore. What do i do at this point??? please can someone please help me??? PLEASE

December 18th 2011, 10:14 PM
Hi, this is a normal problem...Cats hate change and this is a big one, suddenly there is a big hole with water underneath in her toilet and it scares the hell out of her...Since many of us have experienced the same problem we (Not the LK people, but many people who have been on this forum has learned from each other) have figured out that the transition needs to be slower and have come up with something called the cardboard method. I suggest that you go back to red at once and then read this thread: http://www.litterkwitter.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2662

Hope this helps :)