View Full Version : Toiletting down the bath and sink plug hole

March 21st 2007, 08:12 AM
I've only just started using the litter kwitter... on Sunday, 3 days ago, i've got 2 6 month old kittens called Hamster and Spider....

They've always been good at using their litter box (which was bigger and covered)... twice in the last 4 months Spider has poo'ed in the bathroom sink and i often see her weeing down the plug hole...

Now, Spider seems to be doing all her poo's in the bathroom sink or bath... Hamster has definitely poo'ed in the litter kwitter... they love the toilet, they love to see it flush and lick water from the side of the bowl..... :shock: any suggestions? Perhaps its early days!

March 22nd 2007, 08:09 AM
Hurrah... Spider poo'ed in the litter kwitter, perhaps the fresh litter is a bit too hard on her delicate paws!

April 5th 2007, 07:48 AM
Spider... my little love heart kitten... continues to poo in the bath and sink plug holes.. but hey... its not the worst place in the world... obviously any tips on how to stop her recomended... i did pick her out once mid poo but she ran around the house with some poo hanging out of her bottom so i had to chase her around with some toilet paper.... after which she rubbed her bottom on the floor like a dog!... hilarious...

Am thinking of moving onto amber stage soon anyway... am hoping once Hamster starts to actually go in the toilet Spider might learn from her..

April 13th 2007, 06:38 AM
Tried to move onto Amber... in the hope that Spider might join in and came home to find no evidence of any use and a poo in my flatmates bedroom... am still hunting for any wee's around the house... perhaps i moved onto amber too fast... have a cunning plan re: the toiletting in the bath and sink situation though... one day when we are home am gonna put water in the bottom of them... and see what happens... mind you, my kittens are so fascinated by water they'll probably walk around in it!