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February 26th 2007, 09:02 AM
I see lots of posts here where the whole routine comes apart whe you go to the Green tray. I am in the same boat. I have had no probs whatsoever on Red or Amber with my two burmese Rommie and Twitch. But I tried the green this weekend.... I watched them very intently as they both tend to go at the same time. One jumped up and had a look shifted around a little and I thought I would help reposition him.. Big Mistake.. he just looked up at me as to say how dare you and then decided to jump down and started meowing. I put him up there again but he just jumped down. The second cat had a look, jumpd up on the LK but then jumped down started to look like she was going to go on the floor, I popped the Amber back in and they both jumped up immediately and used the LK.

I fear switching to the green and starting to have problems. I am actually quite happy with amber except that the male likes to put all the litter down the hole when he is done so there is none left for the other cat.

I am wondering if the clever people at LK central have considered a tray that is between the Amber and the Green and whether that would even help?

February 28th 2007, 07:51 PM
Hi i agree it is a nightmare my cat will not take to the green at all so i am stuck on amber i have tried everything i could think of.
So clever LK people get your thinking caps on Please !!

Di Fry
March 1st 2007, 07:29 PM
BillyD is soooo right!!! My girls were going so well until the dreaded Green stage. After 4 weeks of trying all sorts of things I have had to admit that i have gone back to the dreaded litter tray (until I get back from the long weekend anyway). I felt that I really needed to get them back to using some form of toilet and not the floor. they refused Green point blank, occasionally used it if inserted in the amber disk, but often refused that too and then took to weeing and pooing on the toilet floor and twice (even worse) one weed on our bed. I do know the system works and is worth it having trained my previous cat.

March 2nd 2007, 12:07 PM
My two cats have audibly objected enough and sort of motioned that they might have to go on the floor. So after they have been "overdue" for a couple of hours, I gave up and placed the amber tray back in. They then go immediately and seem quite content. So there has been no ongoing problem once back on amber.

I think though that my behaviour may be reinforcing the wrong idea in that they may think that if they wait long enough the green tray will magically be replaced with amber and then they can go. So this weekend I have decided to try again and will leave the green tray there, and see what happens.

The male twitchy still get up there when the green is there and puts all the litter into the toilet but I think he see's the bigger whole and it really looks like he is trying to fill it in before he goes.

Anyway if the green fails this weekend I may organise to get one of the intermediate amber trays from LK if they still sell them and modify it to be an inbetweener for amber / green

March 2nd 2007, 02:40 PM
I have just moved my Dessie onto green. He runs around the house like an idiot everytime he needs to go(he has done this on every stage) and I have to encourage him to go. I have found he wont go if I put him up there, I usually put his back legs on his step and his front ones on the toilet, this sometimes works, it usually takes quiet a few goes with him jumping up positioning him self, jumping down again, I just keep saying to him come on go to the toilet he usually follows me from the living room down to the toilet I just keep doing this and eventually he goes. So far 2 wees and one poo through the green. I love green as none touches the litter at all it all goes straight down so no cleaning.

March 2nd 2007, 03:34 PM
Absolutely !!!!

My cats have been on Amber for almost 6 months now.

I have tried on 5 separate occasions to graduate them to Green, but after some initial success, they freak out and start pooing and peeing everywhere.

I am considering gradually reducing the size of the amber's middle section with a hack saw as a means of controlling the situation ....

March 9th 2007, 01:31 PM
I have been thinking the same thing for ever! My cat was doing great from red to amber. Even pooing right through the hole! tried green and it all went to hell. I've even tried putting plexi glass under as to increase the size of the hole slowly on the green, still no luck. actually now that I'm back on amber he's taken to pooing in the bathtub and if he can, he'll pee and poo in my laundry basket. I'm even afraid to put a comforter on my bed so he doesn't go on that as well (he's done that a few times before)
So now we're on amber (still) and slowly making progress, I hope we can do this. He seems especially fond of the whole scratching something soft (laundry, comforter) which doesn't explain him being perfectly ok with pooing in the tub but.....
Has anyone graduated a stubborn cat? Is there a chance I won't always have to close my door when Im not home or be so vigilant and scared he will pee on my bed or in my laundry????

March 13th 2007, 09:03 AM
Well tried green again this weekend and they will just not use it.

They have absolutely no probs with amber but this week neither cat would use the toilet with green :-( . They hop up have a good look arounf. the mail scraps all the litter into the loo and then hops down. The female has a good look around as well but complains alot and hops down.
I was home with them all weekend and the female would meow alot and grumble then go off to another room. I would watch and find that she was getting ready to go somewhere in a room or a corner. I moved her to the batchroom, she would hop up and look around and leave every time.

The only saving grace at the moment is that they go on the amber imediately after it is replaced, there is no long term issue after I try the green. But at this stage I dont ever see myself getting off amber. Which I guess is not too bad as it is still better than a normal litter tray and much easier to keep clean. But was not the purpose of the LK

March 13th 2007, 03:15 PM
We seem to be having some success alternating between the two.

When we are home and can monitor them, we use the green tray. They have done some wees and either not noticed that the hole is bigger or not worried about it at the time. They seem to mostly go to the toilet when we are at home and peculiarly when someone is in the shower (which is in the same room).

When we go out, we stick on the amber tray. This way they don't freak out if they are alone and don't know what to make of the green tray's big hole.

The big step will be when they begin pooing in the green tray ... hopefully after they have been weeing in it for a while, they'll get use to the different tray.

March 15th 2007, 01:09 PM
Hello, Im another one in the same boat. My Ragdolls have done really well up till now but you guys are right, whats the point if they cant finish the program.

From reading others stories i realise its not so bad at our place as our "accidents" are only on the tiles next to the toilet and not anywhere else in the house.

To get to the green stage successfully i placed objects in the way around the toilet so they only had just enough room to pass through the bathroom and up to the toilet. When i removed the objects off the floor they have now gone back to using the floor unless im watching over them.

My boy cat showed me that he cant do his pre-poo moonwalk fast dance (front legs) with the green stage. He did this by dancing on the floor and then getting up on the toilet and scratching the space in the hole of the green tray.

Im not sure where to go from here. Can someone help? What is it that i can spray on the floor so the cats dont like going there? Ive only found citrinella spray but the pet store shop assistant said that the spray would not be appropriate as it deters them from the entire area.

So another intermediate tray? I dont know. I dont want to go back to Amber as they are happy peeing with Green and its not centered anymore so if i went back to Amber the wee will land on the tray and not through the hole.

March 16th 2007, 11:34 AM
To get to the green stage successfully i placed objects in the way around the toilet so they only had just enough room to pass through the bathroom and up to the toilet. When i removed the objects off the floor they have now gone back to using the floor unless im watching over them.

Tried that also and it didn't work ... :cry:
They just go elsewhere or not at all.

May 2nd 2007, 09:56 AM
Same problem. I have two Devon boys. One of them has no problem when we go to green, but the other one freaks out, no matter how many times I show him. I've tried alternating between the two also. Amber is no problem though. I really think a tray between amber and green would be really useful here. Please LK people?

May 8th 2007, 05:48 AM

The lovely people at Litterkwitter have taken notice of our pleas & I understand an intermediate green tray will be available in about 4-5 weeks (ish?) :D I for one will be thrilled as my Sophie won't entertain green at all - but she's been a slow coach all the way :roll:
Angie & Sophie :wink:

May 19th 2007, 12:51 PM
The lovely people at Litterkwitter have taken notice of our pleas & I understand an intermediate green tray will be available in about 4-5 weeks (ish?)

That it truly awesome news. :o :lol: :D :) ... I did receive an email from LK people when this thread first started indicating they were listening but it all went quiet. I Imagine they were locked away in the labs (or should that be lavs) experimenting on the best options. :-)

My two cats Rommie and Twitch are still on amber(with green) I often try the green only and they hop up and may wee, but thats it. They meow at me until I pop the Amber tray under the green. I have learned that if I ignore the meows, they will find an alternative ... (Who is training whom here?)
Once I put the amber tray under the green, they then jump up on their hind legs to check that I have interted the amber tray properly, then happily jump up and go. Its quite funny to watch them inspect my work to make sure I have put the Amber tray back after a cleaning.

I wonder what colour or shape the inter green tray will be? Any Hints Admin? I worry that my cats now look for the amber lip and if that is not there they may still fuss.

Looking forward to moving on.

May 29th 2007, 04:22 PM
well, I don't know what the progress has been on this "interim" stage, but I have tried to improvise in the meantime.

I bought a sheet of perspex and cut a hole about the same size as the amber stage hole and put it underneath the green tray and covered the whole thing with litter.

After 2 days of intense protests, both are now using it for both number 1 and 2s.

I am presuming that when the litter has been scratched into the tray after doing their business that they can see into the bowl. The plan is to keep on this for a couple of weeks I might be able to reduce the amount of litter on the perspex before removing it altogether and just have them just on green stage .... fingers crossed

BTW, the moderators should really do something about the spam problem on these forums.

June 2nd 2007, 01:00 AM
Hi There - well, we have some good news! We have an intermediate green disc for those of you who are having problems progressing to the green stage. We want you to succeed so have developed this disc to see if it solves your problems. Send us an email to greendisc@litterkwitter.com and we will send you the disc free of charge! This is available to the first 20 Kwitters only so be quick (as they say on the Shopping Channel) and be sure to include your address and please keep us informed how you go. Post your progress here so we can see if any more needs to be done to perfect the product. Soon we will have the MultiCatKit available which will include the intermediate Amber and Green discs for those with more than one cat (and those with particularly single-minded cats). Watch this space. Good Luck!

Doogie's LK Team