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July 8th 2011, 09:13 AM
Greetings, all!

I am going to be getting kittens in a few months and I am thinking about toilet training them (once they are old enough).

I'm just a little worried that they might be unhappy having to use a human toilet---not miserably so (I assume that a truly unhappy cat would simply refuse to use the toilet rather than defer to my wishes [I imagine them thinking, "Who does SHE think she is?! I'll have HER using a litter box before I poop in that thing!"]).

So, I know it's a little silly, but I do wonder if anyone else had concerns about ruining kittens' potty time by toilet training them. I suppose I just want reassurance that toilet training is worth trying.


July 8th 2011, 04:18 PM
I have received a kitten, I have started him on the LK on the floor.

He has never known a litter box in this apartment . He is not miserable.

Soon I will be moving the LK on to a box keeping the height at a suitable level for his growth, an moving it higher as he grows.

I don't expect to have the LK on the toilet for a long time yet. Then we will start training.

I moved the LK from near the toilet to the laundry while I was cleaning bathroom. He automatically went looking for the LK, and found it by himself and used it.

He knows the LK is important, not the spot where it sits.

How many kittens are you getting? I think you may have a challenge, but kittens will be much easier than older cats.

July 9th 2011, 08:22 AM
Hi sciumi,

I have read stories on this forum of cats that are having a really hard time with the LK, and I have also seen videos of cats who happily jump on the LK and seem very content using it. I do not have experience training kittens (my cat is 7 years old), but I would think that it has to be easier if this is their only potty option from the very beginning.

I had that same concern (am I pushing something completely unnatural on my cat and making him unhappy?), but I really pay attention to him, go at his pace and he seems very comfortable with it so far. I think everybody on this forum would agree that the 8-week training time frame is unrealistic, so use your best judgement, have patience, and follow their pace!

July 9th 2011, 01:13 PM
Thanks so much for the comments!

devora: I really like the idea of starting them with the LK on the floor. I'm going to be getting two kittens, each around 12 weeks old (one sphynx, one mystery kitten from the shelter!). I'll keep them on litter until they are at least 6 months.

I was planning on getting three basic plastic litter boxes (one in each kitten's room and one in the living room to share). But after your comments, I'm definitely going to replace the third/shared litterbox with the LK, instead, so they can start getting used to it right away.

FatCat:Thanks for reminding me about the importance of paying attention to your cats' level of comfort. After reading much advice, I have learned that it is of utmost importance to be patient and listen to your cat. But I guess I hadn't really made the connection that if I'm going to be paying such close attention to my kittens' emotions/comfort, I would most definitely pick up on unhappiness!

I read something helpful about the supposed "unnatural-ness" of toilet training: In nature, cats cover their waste in order to hide the scent and thus, ward off predators. Well, the human toilet definitely hides the scent! (after the flush, of course!!) So, I feel completely comfortable that my kittens' innate needs will be met.

July 10th 2011, 05:32 AM
I really would stick to the Litter Kwitter instructions. Have them start on the red stage, with flushable litter, on the floor by the toilet. If you let them use litter boxes, in multiple locations, and give them the opportunity to each use a separate place to go potty, you will then have to brake all those habits as they get older... which seems pointless.

The LK is meant to be their ONLY place to go potty. Some people on this forum with multiple cats struggle because both cats refuse to share the LK. Since you will have two kittens, why not get them used to sharing from the beginning so you don't face this issue down the road?

July 12th 2011, 08:58 AM
I agree with FatCat, it is very important that the cats are used to going in the same litterbox before starting the training. If they are used to more than one the training will be so much harder...And there is no problem with starting them young because it takes some time before they start to use the hole...I started my cats at 11 and 13 weeks old...No problem with that... :)