View Full Version : 2 theories about poo on floor

May 3rd 2011, 01:12 AM
My theories come from the idea of the cats comfortability. If my cat seems assured and confident, she has few problems pooing in the toilet. If anything upsets her routine or throws her off wack she will poo on the floor. Here are my details.

1) We traveled to another state and took her with us. On returning home we had to go back to the green stage (we had graduated to the white state for a little over a month with few problems). She was fine at the green stage until I thoroughly cleaned the toilet. She started pooing on the floor again. We tried several things to get her back on track. What seemed to work best was taking her poo from the floor and putting it in the toilet / on green rim for her to smell and continuing to introduce it to her and reassure and praise her. She went back to it pretty quickly at that point.

2) We initially had problems getting her to go poo in the toilet and found that she didn't like the splash back of the water (our toilet is an older model and has a lot of water in the basin). Once I rigged a little contraption to catch the poo (it's a wire dome, the poo usually slides off after hitting it). In the beginning once that was addressed we had much fewer problems.

3) Also, if I am gone a lot or for a weekend, even though she is with my sister, she has a bit of a relapse.

Encourage, encourage, encourage. She loves praise.

Hope this helps.