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June 1st 2006, 02:41 PM
[N.B: Originally posted by: Didragon. 30 Dec 05 3:55 PM (Australia)]
We have success at the amber. Quite a story. After an episode of wee on the carpet we kept Echo locked out of the lounge and went back to the amber over red with decreasing amounts of litter in the centre. After using this successfully we let her into the lounge again and decided to wait 2 weeks before trying amber alone. Echo used the lounge carpet again. I decided to go back and stay with the red stage. My husband changed it to the amber disc and said that she will use it!!!!!
As i was preparing a roo steak for our meal Echo begged for some. I enticed her into the loo and up onto the toilet with a piece of meat. I said " when you pee up here you can have some roo" and put the meat away. Within 5 minutes I heard that magic tinkle and Echo got the roo! She is rewarded and praised and gets a piece of roo each time.
Still no poo in the hole but i think Echo has made a significant breakthrough. Just another point: we had visitors ( in the family room) yesterday and I noticed Echo walking around the lounge about to squat. I put her on the loo and she performed to the ???delight of our guests. The presence of the guests had obviously put her off going past them into the loo as she is a bit shy....maybe circumstances such as that can contribute to failures.
Anyway, on the verge of going backwards we are now surging SLOWLY forwards! good luck everyone; we intend to persevere no matter how long it takes!
I think Echo is terribly clever!

June 1st 2006, 02:42 PM
[N.B: Original Reply by Jo Posted: 30 Dec 05 8:59 PM (Australia)]
Hey Congratulations!
I knew you all could do it!
Patience, perseverence, sense of humour and consistency + love & a bribe or two.Well done. Now keep at this stage for at least 2 more weeks. Cats LOVE praise & adoration, they love to please. Really they do.