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March 24th 2011, 10:32 AM
I am proud to say that after a long 5 1/2 months, my cat Theodore is FINALLY 100% trained. We dealt with; poo on the floor, not standing in the correct position, and not giving up his litter in the final stage. It took lots of time and tons of patience, and even several times of wanting to give up.
I will fill you in briefly on our training experience and the things that helped us succeed.
Theodore did great in the beginning and moved to the amber stage within a month. Once in amber we had some issues. He did not like the new larger pee hole and he would go poo on the floor instead. OUR FIX: we taped the hole to make it a bit smaller, IT WORKED! We stayed on amber for 3 more weeks (two months total has past at this point).
Now for the Green stage....oooh, the green stage....
It started the same as the Amber stage pooing on the floor. We kept at it and he finally got used it after a few days. But the biggest issue we had was him on Green was not wanting to give up his litter. SoÖ.. we let him keep it, for 2 1/2 months actually. I figured he just needed his time to part with it and sure enough, he finally gave it up.
At this point I was so excited about not needing litter, and I dodnt want to rush him and him back track from it, so i kept on the empty green tray for him for a month.

finally I decided to take out the green tray and see what happens, sure enough....after just a bit of crying he went #1 and #2! I was so excited! We have a trained kitty!!
So, my tips for you:
DONT RUSH!! When they are past 100% comfortable then itís your queue to take the next step. Donít give up! IT WILL TAKE TIME! Rushing will just make a worse experience for you and you cat.
Foot placing: If your cat doesnít have his foot placing right, even by the green stage, have no fear. After the 3 months in the green stage, his foot placement while peeing was still not correct, But once I removed the green tray he corrected himself.
Pooing on floor: When moving to a next stage make time to CONSTANTLY monitor them. Dont give them the chance to poo on the floor. I would wake with Theodore at 4am to make sure he goes on the toilet when he was adjusting to the new stage. Another thing I did was constantly place him on the toilet. Each time I walked by the bathroom I put him on it, even if he did not have to go. He got a bit annoyed, but he got the idea. It helps see thatís where you want them to go and gets them feeling safe on the toilet. When we did have an accident, I would put the poo in the toilet and let him see where I put it, then a bit of could shoulder did the trick. The tape/cardboard method really helps. Breaking down each stage as much as possible is the best think you can do for your cat. Some of the jumps from stage to stage are a bit traumatic.
Good luck everyone! If it worked for me it will work for you! Donít give up!!!!

March 24th 2011, 04:12 PM
:) I have a 6 month old ragdoll cat, we did the red stage for 2 weeks, the amber stage for 2 weeks and the green stage for 1 week. I am so proud of my cat and it is so nice not to have a litter box. Yesterday I had my 3 year old nephew over and he shut the toilet lid, I heard my cat moewing in the bathroom and went to see what was wrong, he was telling me that he had to go. For me this kit worked really good, my friends can not believe that my cat uses the toilet.

March 24th 2011, 07:17 PM
Hi, thank you soo much for the encouragement :) It really helps to see positive results on this forum!!! I am at the green stage finally wihout litter after 6 months, but I have 3 cat's and the last memeber started the training in the end of december so we are on our way...I'm starting to see the end of the tunnel. I tried to take the green tray away and just use the white LK with the toilet seat over(We have kept the toilet seat over since day one)with litter on the rim , but one of my cat refuses and poos on the floor. I'm wondering if it may be better to just go from green to nothing because the LK is a bit unstable and maybe they will feel safer wihout it all...But I also think one of the problems is that the cat that loves to dig needs the green tray do dig in even if there is no litter in it...Don't really know what to do next...At least the other two cat's did good on the white stage and one of them has even gone on just the toilet plenty of times :o

March 25th 2011, 03:31 AM
I agree with you about them just wanting a place to scratch. Theodore was the same way. Even when we removed the green tray he rebelled and pood on the floor once, then i watched him like a hawk and kept placing him on the toilet. He finally did it, i think the cats can always do it, they just show their aggitation by going on the floor. Once they realize they lost, they give in and go along with you.
Just stay encouraged! I did keep the white tray on for a week after removing the green insert, i think our toilet rim is just a little small for his liking. We went a baught a wider rim and he now uses it no problem.

March 25th 2011, 06:25 AM
I also think that they need to realise that the have lost, that's why it seems to work to go two steps forward and one back instead of just going back to the last stage everytime there is an accident...

Today I replaced the green ring with cardboard like a step between green and white, hope it helps...

My toilet seat is slim and slope inwards, but I don't really want to buy a new one so I hope they will do with the one we got...(I use non slip tape to make them feel more secure on the seat...)

Do you have any video or pictures of your graduate, would be fun to see :)