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June 1st 2006, 02:37 PM
[N.B: Originally posted by: LuckysDad. 30 Dec 05 1:15 PM (Australia)]
Our cat Lucky has stalled on the green stage - he's happy to urinate using the LK, but will only use it to defecate if we physically put him on the LK and he just so happens to have the urge to go.
Instead, he has started doing his number 2's on the tiled toilet floor, which is very frustrating knowing that he will do it in the LK when prompted. On the bright side, the toilet floor is a lot easier to clean than carpet, rugs, couches or pillows (all previous crime scenes) and he hasn't gone back to any of these old haunts for quite a while. However, it seems a bit strange for him to use the LK for one type of disposal and not the other.
We have been very meticulous in keeping the Litter Kwitter clean.
I should probably mention that Lucky had his right font paw amputated as a young kitten, but he is physically capable of using the Litter Kwitter, and gets plenty of praise and treats when he is witnessed doing so.
Has anyone else encountered this problem, and more importantly, has anyone managed to overcome it?

June 1st 2006, 02:38 PM
[N.B: Original Reply by Sueautcher Posted: 31 Dec 05 12:50 PM (N/A)]
Hi Luckysdad,
We went thru similar experiences during the red to amber stage where Molly would urinate on the LK but would circle the toilet and meow. I mentioned this on a post under the 'Amber Challenge'. We would pick her up on put her on the LK, she would scratch and throw the litter in and around the toilet and would try different positions and then jump off give up. Some times we would stay with her and pet her, other times we would back off and hide around the corner and peek from afar. She would return awhile later and we would go through the same ritual. Molly didn't want to defacate on the LK nor the floor but eventually she had to make the best of a poor choice. Sometimes she would have just started and we would pick her up mid bowel action and pop her on the LK for her to finish. After a few days of this she did get brave enough to go independently.
What we have learned is that Molly requires reassurance and coaching. We trainers must watch kitty's behaviour and moods. During the amber stage Molly will put all four paws on the white rim to urinate but to defacate she will have her back paws in the litter and aim over the hole. This makes me think she may manage the green stage for urinating but not for defacating, therefore we have decided to but the green over Amber and very gradually reduce the litter in the amber rim over at least a two week period. We have done this today before I checked this web site so I am unable to give an outcome. The LK is a[N.B: Original new concept and a pragmatic approach is all we have. Maybe others have tried this and can give advice. Jo has reponded to a recent post under 'Overcoming the Amber Challenge' advising to allow several weeks before progressing to green phase. I have to agree with her wisdom even though we are eager to be rid of litter, patience and logic brings success!
Lucky may be an amputee but I am sure it is the love and acceptance that you have given her that has allowed her to get on with life adapting rather than being a handicap. You both have my admiration for getting to the green stage without setbacks.
Keep loving and perservering, I have no doubt you will get there.

June 1st 2006, 02:39 PM
[N.B: Original Reply by Scoullar Posted: 02 Jan 06 2:28 PM (N/A)]
I encountered this problem when I had three cats at the green stage. The solution for me was to clutter the floor with cans of pet food or bottles of cleaning products; anything to make it difficult for the cat to find a clear space. It is messy for awhile, but after 10 days I could, bit by bit, clear the floor again. Good Luck. By Scoullar.