View Full Version : POLL --- FOUR OR MORE Cats LK Training - IN PROGRESS

December 16th 2006, 11:26 AM
I thought it might be useful to get some data/feedback on this website for people doing LK training.
Please enter the number of weeks or months, to date, that you have been training your cats, and the age, gender, and breed of your cats.
Please also advise the Stage you are at, and how long you have spent at each Stage. Also how many LKs you have.
If you have tried to train your cats previously, and taken a break, and then restarted LK training, please include this information and how long you spent trying previously.
Thanks, hopefully this information will help other people.

February 16th 2007, 02:35 AM
I have four cats in training.

BlackJack and Greyson are 8 years old.
Alli is 7 years old.
Purrcy is 1 year old.

They began their training on January 15th. We did the red stage until Feb 9th. They rebelled a bit when we moved to Amber, but it seems they're getting the hang of it now. One at least, is a certified marksman! Right down the hole and into the water. Greyson is a bit challenged, if he hits the toilet at all, he's satisfied he's done his part. I'm thinking of putting something on the back of the toilet up against the seat to force him to move forward a bit.

I think a nice improvement to the LK would be some sort of "shield" that would clip to or slip over the raised seat that would deflect any poor aiming back into the pan. --HINT HINT-- :)

Anyway, progress is going well!