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February 14th 2011, 05:33 AM
My cat is very reliable with his litter box, so I doubt I'll have any problems with him going elsewhere. However, we do a lot of traveling and I have a few questions before I buy.

1. If I go to a place with a litter box, will he use the litter box like he did before he was toilet trained? Will this affect his use of the toilet when we return?
2. Does your cat ever jump on the toilet, turn the wrong way, and miss the toilet?
3. How much of a mess is it to clean up during the training stages?
4. I sometimes am gone for well over 12 hours in one day, and sometimes I have to leave the house for two days. Does this cause problems with messes, smells, and/or the cat not going in the toilet?
5. Does anybody know of a good motion sensor system that can be implanted in an ordinary flushing toilet and flush automatically after the cat is done? That would solve my problem for number 4, obviously.

February 16th 2011, 03:47 PM
Anybody? I won't buy this product until I have the answers to those questions. Please answer them.

February 17th 2011, 01:26 AM
You can find the answers to all your questions by searching the forums. Briefly:

1. Cats seem to have no problem reverting to a litterbox. Going back to the toilet you might have to go back a stage in training to bring them back up to speed. Some cats actually prefer the toilet once they're fully trained. If you travel with a trained cat, just bring the white rim with you so they can find their scent on a new toilet.

2. Most cats have one preferred position on the toilet. If the cats starts facing the wrong way, you have to train it to face the right way.

3. It's a HUGE mess during the red stage. It gets better at each stage.

4. Being away from home so much is going to make it extremely difficult to train your cat. A fully trained cat might be able to deal with this.

5. No specific recommendation, but an auto-flusher is something you'll want to get installed and get your cat used to right from the start, or conversely not until after they're fully trained. Introducing an auto-flusher in the middle can have adverse affects on training if it goes off at an inappropriate time and startles the cat.

February 17th 2011, 01:45 AM
Ok, thank you very much! Given your answer to number 4, it might be best that I wait a few years until I'm finished with graduate school.