View Full Version : A funny thing happened on the way to the potty

December 12th 2006, 11:18 AM
Well I think the boys have at least made the connection that I want them to potty on the LK and that doing so gets them treats and pats....
We've been struggling on Amber a bit. Not horribly...they are doing pretty well....but have been slow to poo in the right place.
Last night about midnight I was in bed with my door closed when I heard my boys crying at the door. This is unusual behavior for them so I got up to see what had upset them. I came out into the hallway and Zeke started rubbing against my legs, then he stepped away. I looked around but couldn't see anything wrong. Zeke came back and rubbed against my legs some more then walked a few steps away. I started to follow him and the minute I did he took off running to the bathroom. When I got there he was up on the LK looking proudly down at a poo on the LK.
It sounds weird but I know the difference between Zeke's poos and Chesh's poos by this time and this was a Chesh poo. Still Zeke was awfully proud so I gave them both pats and treats and praise and cleaned the LK and went back to bed....tickled that they woke me to show me!
The next morning just before my alarm went off they were at it again, crying at the door. I followed them into the bathroom expecting to see another "gift" but the LK was clean (wet but no poo). This time Chesh jumped up on it proudly then looked at me expectantly. I said, "Nope...you have to USE it to get the treat" and I swear he understood because he immediately turned, squated, and peed right on the LK. I laughed and gave him treats and pats and praise. While I was cleaning the box Zeke jumped up and prepared to squat. I figured he must be peeing because he is a "digger" when he needs to poo. After squatting for a moment he meowed, then changed positions and squatted again. I figured at that point he must want to poo but there wasn't enough litter to make him happy. He jumped down with another complaint and as quickly as I could I finished cleaning the LK and refilling it with fresh litter. Then I picked Zeke up and showed him it was clean. He promptly dug, squatted, and pooed right down the quarter-sized hole in the Amber disk (I had covered the larger hole). TREATS PATS PRAISE EUREEKA! They've made the connection!!! Although I hope that eventually they won't feel the need to get me out of bed to show me! I *hope* the new behavior on the LK continues!