View Full Version : i solved my pooping on the floor problem !!

November 19th 2010, 11:35 AM
this is what is working for me.

i have a 2 year male tabby with a white belly and a 8 month old female tabby and calico mix that i have had on the red stage for 4 weeks and all was well.

i thought we where ready to move to the amber stage when the larger male cat started to poo on the floor next to the toilet.

after trying everything to stop this from happening i went back to the red disk to till i could figure out what the cat was telling me.

so after about 2 weeks i went to the small hole orange disk that came in the multi cat kit.

and thats when i saw what was happening. what the cats get up on the lk and start scratchng there wasn t enough litter to satisfy the cats. then they poop on the floor.

so after filling the orange disk with a small hole all the way up with litter all number 1 and 2 s where in the lk.

that was last week and now we are on orange disk with a large hole and all pees and poops are in the LK ! both cats are back on track. but there is a lot of litter that falls into toilet but a small price to pay for no poo on the floor.

i am also thinking about adding a scratching post t get the old bowels moving.:D:D:D

November 20th 2010, 09:12 AM
thanks for sharing, convict3. This was what i had started suspecting - that I stated reducing litter too soon. This and her current diarrhea were my suspects for continued business outside LK. I will put more and see if it improves the situation.