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December 1st 2006, 01:23 PM
This is our second attempt at training our 3 yr old indoor Abyssinian cat Mesh Mesh. The first time we got to the amber stage when he started urinating in the bath. Even with the red stage he was making heaps of mess scattering the litter everywhere and not aiming at all in the middle. He seemed happy enough to jump up onto the toilet, though, and we thought that if we went on to amber where there's less litter to scatter he might fluke it into the middle and then be right from there. But alas, he started using the bath.
After this, we took him all the way back to red on the floor, but he really seemed to hate the circular ridge in the middle of the red plate because he couldn't easily dig a little spot to use. This made him aim at the back of the LQ which meant his urine went either onto the wall behind or would leak in between the red plate and the white outer circle and go all over the floor. And when pooing, he would still fling the litter everywhere.
So, we went even further all the way back to his old litter tray. This is a large tray with raised sides designed to keep as much litter inside as possible.
We stayed back at this step for about a month to get Mesh Mesh comfortable again and then changed to his first litter tray that he used as a kitten. This tray is smaller and has lower sides so you can't put as much litter in it. We thought it might be a good interim step to get him used to using much less litter. He adjusted to this well and we have been careful to clean it out whenever he uses it. He has been at this stage for a few months now.
Then about three weeks ago we started to give the LQ another go but bought an aluminium foil tray for cooking turkeys as a substitute for the red stage (because he seemed to dislike the ridge in the red tray so much). This tray worked OK and he was better at getting in the middle of it, although half the time he still urinated right up against the edge so that if we had been using the red plate, urine would have leaked in between the red and white circle and go all over the floor.
About 2 days we decided to progress to amber up on the toilet. Last time he seemed to adjust to being on the toilet OK, it was more a problem with where he aimed. Also, we couldn't put our aluminium tray (our replacement for red) securely over the toilet.
He seemed to abstain altogether until he did manage one wee but he pointed to the back of the toilet and missed the amber litter ring altogether, let alone the hole. This morning I did notice more footprints in the litter, but I'm not sure if he went later this morning while I was out he defacated in the bath - even though I had an inch of water in it.
I have now taken him all the way back to our replacement for red stage (ie the aluminium tray on the floor under the white outer circle), but it feels like it'll never happen. The next thing I might try is red again on the floor with lots of newspaper underneath. How do we get him to direct his efforts into the middle? That seems to be our main issue.
Also, do we need to flush every time we use the toilet (even in the middle of the night)?
I'm sorry this is so long, but we are very keen for this to work and look forward to any advice you might have.
Thank you

December 2nd 2006, 04:22 AM
Hi just a few comments on what you have said:
I have read on here that cats donít like aluminium very much, so perhaps this isnít the best way forwards, if he gets a negative vibe from using the litter kwitter from the start he is less likely to progress forwards.
You said about him not going in the middle, you donít need to worry about that, the red stage is just to get him used to going in the bathroom and jumping up on the toilet. Even at the amber stage if it doesnít go down the hole donít worry, this stage is to get him used to having the hole there and weaning him into the correct position with his feet on the white rim. Using the hole will come more when he progresses through all the stages and is used to the green tray.
Good luck and donít give up!