View Full Version : Two kitties off to a good start - some encouragement for others.

October 31st 2010, 04:16 AM
I had my doubts about LK and I tried to do a lot of research before making the purchase. The great reviews sold me.

Week 1: I started by moving the litter box into our downstairs bathroom. After a poo in it's original spot, I had to make it inaccessible (shutting the closet door).

Week 2: With only the one accident after a week, I decided to introduce the LK on the floor.

It was not received well. I woke up the first morning to a still untouched LK and meowing, protesting kitties. Before the morning was over, we'd peed and pooped in the kitty bed and on the mat in front of the LK.

I decided to leave the LK, but also make the litter box available right beside it for a week, so they'd get used to it being around. After a week of this, I tried putting the LK on top of the litter box (it doesn't have a lid, it's open). This resulted in peeing/pooping on the mat in front of the litter box.

I finally bit the bullet and tried taking the litter box completely out of the picture again. Before I went to work, I fed the cats, and then locked them in the bathroom with the LK. I feel this made a HUGE difference. We successfully peed in the LK but would not poo (on the floor). The next day, I did the same thing, feeding them and locking in the bathroom with the LK. Success!

Today is day three of having the LK on the floor (still on week 2 of the transition), and we've already successfully used it twice for both peeing and pooping.

I have a bad tendency of not seeing things through, but I'm glad I didn't quit so early in this transition and hope someone finds some encouragement from this post. Don't quit!!! Also, I HIGHLY recommend locking the cats in the bathroom with the LK over night, or during the day.

Good luck to everyone!