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June 1st 2006, 02:25 PM
[N.B: Originally posted by: Sueautcher. 28 Dec 05 12:32 PM (N/A)]
A week ago we had doubts that we would ever meet the amber challenge. It has taken two attempts going back to the red stage for 3 weeks between attempts.We spent much time petting Molly while she was on the amber LK and we all verged on the edge of a stress attack over it all. although quite discouraged we perservered and discovered that the sound of the dissolving crystals were the cause of Molly's reluctance. We replaced the litter and coaxed her back, she was fine urinating on the amber disc but reluctant to defacate on the LK at first. Molly would meow and circle the floor asking for help we would place her on the LK and wait with her, after a couple of days she became independent. She now perches with all four paws on the white rim to urinate and prefers to have her paws in the litter to defacate into the hole. She is enthusiatic about digging and throwing the litter about, and will always throw some into the hole first then waits and listens to make sure there are no odd sounds happenening. We will stay with the amber stage a while longer before progressing to the green stage.
The purpose of sharing our experience is to encourage others to keep problem solving, perserving and be reassured that it is possible to overcome the challenges. We felt that others were facing similar challenges to us but found very few examples of strategies used to overcome difficulties.

June 1st 2006, 02:26 PM
[N.B: Original Reply by Jo Posted: 30 Dec 05 8:12 AM (Australia)]

Jo here,
Thanks so much for your post, training a cat to use our toilet involves everything and every emotion you mention. From elation to down right depression on some days.
I know some forums are a scrachting post (pardon the pun) for disgrunteld customers but this one is exactly as you point out. It is refreshing to read such positve words.
Thanks very much.
Tip: Keep on the amber for as long as you can manage, I mean weeks more. Once you pass this transitional stage the rest is easy sailing .