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June 1st 2006, 02:23 PM
[N.B:Originally posted by: Funkyboof. 30 Dec 05 12:06 AM (Australia)]
We started the LK on Dec 3rd with the LK sitting on the toilet floor - Puss was already going in that room.
He used it a once or twice daily over the next few days until Dec 7th, when the LK got placed on top of the toilet.
He got the idea immediately & used it not long after it was placed there - red disk of course.
Since then I've been keeping an eye on when he goes & cleaning it soon after.
He hasn't been going any where around the house except one horrible incident 3 days ago where I obviously didn't clean his wee quick enough & he needed to do a poo & he did it in the toilet floor on the drain cover!!
Other than that one time, he has been good.
He usually gets allowed outside once or twice a day so does his business out there when given the chance.
But, I've now kept him inside for 2 days since the floor pooing episode & he is refusing to go at all.
He has begged & whined at the front door to go outside once or twice, but I won't let him out until he starts using the LK properly!!
I won't even start to think about introducing the amber disk until he uses the red disk properly first.
I'm thinking, it cannot be healthy for a cat (or any creature) to just not relieve themselves!!
He drinks plenty of fresh water & eats enough cat food.
Where is his waste going??
I'm very worried & have even briefly considered caving in to his wishes & bringing back his litter box but I though I'd ask some people first.
Please someone!!!
We are getting desperate!!
I can't let my boy get sick because I want him to conform to my idea of using a human toilet!!!
From Carly.
PS. My Puss looks amazingly like Doogie!!! Same shape & colour but different eyes.
I have the LK box here & sometimes I need to look twice to check if it's the pic of Dougal on the box or if it's Puss.
See for yourselves!! Here's a link to pics of our Puss:

June 1st 2006, 02:24 PM
[N.B: Original Reply by Jo Posted: 30 Dec 05 8:04 AM (Australia)]
Hi Carly,
I have replied personally
Thanks for the pics!