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Anna C-W
November 13th 2006, 02:00 AM
My British Blue, Jasper was doing great on the red disc so I moved him onto the Amber disc a few weeks ago. My problem is he won't do any of his business through the hole. I've tried catching him in the act and repositioning him, placing the red disc under the amber disc, revealing the hole gradually but nothing seems to work. From the outset his has positioned all three of his four paws on the white LK seat and he has perfect aim for getting everything into the training disc. I have even tried removing all cat litter in the disc and this doesn't bother him at all, still has perfect aim for the disc only.
Is anyone else having these problems and can anyone recommend a way forward?

November 13th 2006, 11:36 AM
Hi there,
If Jasper is using the LK happily and not doing his business elsewhere, so that your only problem is that he is not aiming for the hole, I would not be so worried.
The main signal that your cat is doing well and is ready to move up to the next stage is their paw positioning. The cats aren't really being trained to "aim" for the holes in any of the discs. They are being taught to balance on progressively smaller areas, to get used to a lack of litter and, in many cases, to get used to water beneath them. If Jasper has three paws on the white disc, he is doing well.
If Jasper has been balancing like so on the amber disc, and using it without mishap for at least two weeks, move up to the Green Disc. He won't be able to help but get it in the hole then! That's the idea.
The Litter Kwitter Team.