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August 26th 2010, 11:54 AM
I've been using the LK for a couple of days now. I'm trying to train 4 cats - which is probably doable...over a very long time. However I am infuriated with the actual product design!

What I cannot understand from a design point of view is how on earth it got placed on the market in this elementary state. Hopefully this feedback will be taken into consideration for when a LK 2.0 is released! :mrgreen:

1. ALL coloured rings NEED to have some sort extraction device - a handle or easy release mechanism. In my experience it's very hard to try and remove the red tray, hold the white ring AND not spill litter + waste on the floor or accidently have the whole thing crash to the ground.

2. The little plastic clips on the underside of the white ring are useless. I've had to jam bits of cardboard between the clips and the toilet itself to make it stable. I understand that the LK has to consider alot of different toilet makes and sizes. However a simple solution to this would be to have an adjustable bar with a tilting cushion so that it'll fit snuggly against any toilet bowl. Kinda like this - http://www.selbyhardware.com/images/c1img5.gif (metal end attached to white ring - and a nut to manually adjust the distance).

3. The space in between the white ring and coloured rings - i.e. where the litter, and pee and crap smushes itself between - needs a rubber seal on it.

4. Cleaning - this is my biggest concern. Taking into consideration that cleaning is a high priority and has a big impact on whether or not your kitty will be successfull using the LK, then something needs to be changed in terms of helping customers or providing them with a way to manage the EXCESSIVE cleaning. :twisted:

For example, one simple thing immediately pops into my head - a poop/pee scoop specifically designed for use with the LK! A scoop that matches the dimensions of the space between the raised areas of the red ring. Or as I mentioned above a way to remove the coloured (red) ring without it spilling everywhere. Or even part of the side of the ring to have a slider funnel to enable a "controlled pour" to rid the waste.

5. This isn't really "needed" as such, and probably would be more of a convenience, but a litter guard (like a splashback) for the back of the LK would be most appreciated. :)

Anyhoo, I hope that my feedback is passed onto whomever designed the LK. I love the idea of this product and will keep my fingers crossed that my kitties will take to it, it's just I felt I had to pipe up with these nuances as at the moment I definitly don't feel like the LK is a finished product... and that it's just still in the "beta" testing. :rolleyes:

September 1st 2010, 10:29 AM
very much agreed with #3 and #4!

especially #4 I'm not sure if all types of litter are like this but the kind I use sort of sticks to the tray so I have to sort of scrape it out, a litter scooper that has is the same width and has "indents" where the rims are in the tray would make cleaning it much easier :)

I personally haven't had a problem with #1 and #2
I removed the clips on one side of the LK and it fits my toilet just fine