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August 8th 2010, 09:15 AM
I have 2 male cats, ages 4 and 6. Im using the green stage, and have been stcuk on it for over 2 months. My youngest cat started off great, pooing and peeing in all stages. But recently he has been causing a fuss. He just walks around meowing constantly, looking for a better place to poop (like my bed/ bedroom or one of the guest bedrooms). Peeing is a snap for him, but defacating all of a sudden has become a problem. He likes to take the bath towels or the floor mats and bunch them up trying to poop in them. So I took the mats off the floor and put the bath towels out of reach. He eventually will poop, but after HOURS and HOURS (all night too!) of constant meowing, going in and out of the bathtub (he jumps in the tub, goes to the end of it, sits down and paws the walls of tub endlessly), me going in the bathroom encouraging, and Im going CRAZY! Recently Ive noticed that once he decides to go on the LK, right before he goes, he lets out a HUGE hiss. Ive rewarded him everytime he defacates in the toilet and I keep the LK spotless. What do I do!? He's still hung up on the litter part of it too. Ive tried putting a few grains in the thing, and he REALLY doesnt like it, going to the litter bag and pawing out the litter onto the floor. How can I get him past this phase? It seems like he's fighting it, and is totally uncomfortable when he's holding his poop for like 2 days just meowing like a cat in heat. HELP!

August 9th 2010, 08:05 AM
It's hard to say why cats who seem to be doing perfectly fine suddenly decide they don't want to use the LK anymore. It sounds like your cat feels really physically uncomfortable about pooping, so maybe you can start there. You can mix a spoonful of canned pumpkin or olive oil into his food to make it more difficult for him to hold it, which might alleviate some of his physical discomfort. If he's always holding it and always feeling bad when he uses the LK, then he will associate the pain with the LK and of course not want to use it.

That would be my guess as to where to start figuring out the problem.

August 11th 2010, 03:48 AM

To help the poor cat's pain use 1 tablespoon of canned pumpkin puree in his food, once a day like Aurora suggested.

For the pooping everywhere else, go back to the previous stage, MK green or Amber, and

August 11th 2010, 03:54 AM
Ugh, I wrote this long response out and it got lost in cyber space.


For the pooping everywhere else, go back to the previous stage, MK green or Amber, and stay there till the cats get used to it again and there are no accidents. Usually 2 weeks with no accidents are a good time frame before moving on, but some people stay on each stage longer depending on how much they trust their cats.

Move the unused litter to a container he cannot see into nor get into (I use one of those large black plastic containers and I keep it in the bathroom as it's waterproof and cat proof.

For the amount of litter issue, yeah I got it too :) But I usually start each day with the maximum amount of litter the tray will hold (MK green) and then as the day progresses I don't refill it as much each time so usually by night time it's around the 1/3 mark.

November 2nd 2012, 04:16 PM
My cat is doing the same. I have been training her since 08/01/2012 and this week is the second week on the green stage. I went through the amber stage with the cardboard (plastic) until she felt comfortable on the plain amber stage. Now, the first week on the green stage she was doing it. Perfectly. This second week she has been refusing to use it. I have to be supervising. Now it looks like she holds it longer not to do it on the LK. Today she pooped on my bed. It usually happens when she feels too uncomfortable. I don't understand why is she doing this after doing so well??? Now I have no choice to go back. LK requires a lot of patience.

November 27th 2012, 03:19 AM
I have one cat that has been trained for a long time, but I would never let him near my bed. If that is the only place she has accidents - just keep her away from it and I'm sure she will do fine :)