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June 1st 2006, 02:18 PM
[N.B: Originally posted by: Sasha. 02 Dec 05 6:42 PM (Australia)]
My cat (a one year old female) was great with the system at first, within a day she was perching on the seat correctly and doing all her business right in the middle of the red disc. After three weeks of this, I began to reduce the amount of litter in the centre of the disc to prepare for stage two, this did not seem to phase her, she was still just as comfortable as when it was full.
Once the orange disc was up, she refused to go at all, holding it in for two days until she pee'd on the toilet floor, poo'd in the same spot later that evening. She seems fascinated with the hole in the disc, but does not get frightened of the water. She will even stay up when the toilet is flushed, but is only up there if I put her there and so she continued to use the floor in the toilet, which is not too bad considering some of the experiences others are having.
After about week coaxing her with pats, placing her there after meals and in the morning as well as giving her Pitr-Pats which had been used as reward treats for a while prior to the Litter Kwitter, I moved back to the red disc.
Now she will only pee there, the floor is still the location of choice for poo, this has gone on for weeks now and Im not sure what to try. I put it on the floor for a few days, no problem, but as soon as its back on the toilet, no go. Any suggestions would be great, as my mop and I dont like to see each other every day

June 1st 2006, 02:19 PM
[N.B: Original Reply by Jo Posted: 03 Dec 05 9:37 AM (Australia)]
Dear Shasha,
I would suggest, if I may that you go back to the red disc on the floor next to the toilet. Keep the door wide open at all times. * read Jo Righetti tips .
The discs are designed to take a step back if need be. It sounds like you may have rushed your cat. When you do go back its best if you allow a min of 2 weeks at that stage, otherwise to much to-ing & fro-ing can be counter productive.
During the training try to maintain a normal environment as possible. Perhaps your cat has noticed a change in your behaviour, suddenly you’re very interested in her toileting.