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November 2nd 2006, 12:40 PM
My cats, Bindy & Shelby did well with the red disc & the amber disc & I've had the green disc in place for a few weeks now. Peeing doesn't seem to be a problem but one of them (I'm not sure which one but I suspect the Tonkinese, Bindy) is either sometimes or always (not sure how often they each go) doing no. 2's on the floor. But I'm sure I've seen both of them doing it in the bowl as well. :?
The level of litter on the green disc can vary, depending on how many times it's been used during the day... & I'm sure they get up there & scratch around at times just for the heck of it.
Except for the first time this happened, the location of the "surprise" is always the same.
Can someone offer some advice as to how they've successfully overcome this. Do I need to go back to the amber disc & leave it there for a much longer period? Or do I stick with the green disc & just try to keep it full of litter. HELP, because I want this to work. :(

November 6th 2006, 10:13 AM
Hello Wendy,
I would recommend sticking with the Green Disc and trying to keep it full of litter. Ideally you will later be able to slowly decrease the level of litter in the Green Disc. At least this will prove what the problem is as you go!
Especially since the accident spot is always the same, make sure that you clean it with soap and water and then apply enzymatic cleaner (from your pet store) to get rid of the odour markers that are drwing the cat back.
Putting things on the floor where this spot is could also dissuade the cat from going there.
Place a stepping stool beside the toilet so that they can get up on it first and plan their positioning- crucial for pooing.
Persevere, and keep us informed.
The Litter Kwitter Team.