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Jennifer VB
October 30th 2006, 02:12 PM
We have a family of 6 humans, (1 mummy, 1 daddy and 4 teenage lads)2 cats and until a recent death by snake bite, two dogs, now 1. I read about the Litter Kwitter early on, and had to wait for tax refunds before being able to purchase it. We were all (humans) very excited by the prospect of no litter boxes in the home.
Soot and Smudge are sisters, who totally adore me, their mother, and won't let me out of their sight, be that at the computer (on my lap) watching t.v. (on my lap) in the bathroom (on my lap) or showering (meowing at the screen door) and then promptly into the shower recess once I'm done to sit on the wet floor.
Our 2 kittens, 8 months when we began this process, took to the red stage every quickly, as the tray has always been in our ensuite and they sleep in the shower recess. However, after about 3 weeks I changed to the amber stage and they have refused to use the toilet ever since. I reverted to the red disc, which they will use but no further progress.
Heck, they drink out of the bowl!
Our problem is massive in that the girls will pee on anything - in the larder, on rolls of toilet paper(12 pk) every doona in the house has had to be washed-some more than once, pillows, piles of freshly folded laundry, the lounge, our boys school work, books, documents, my handbag, empty laundry baskets, the bathroom sink, a dolls pram, a bucket of kindling for the fire, bath mats, ... everything except the toilet and the litter tray.
We have tried keeping them in the bathroom for several hours with the litter kwitter on the toilet, when they come out it is clean, they go pee on our things - see we'll teach you!
Short of giving them away - which only gives someone else the problem -does anyone have the solution? We are seriously coming to the end of any love of kittens and cats!
Jennifer VB. :cry:

November 6th 2006, 09:31 AM
Dear Jennifer,
Soot and Smudge really need a helping hand.
If they are using the Red Disc on the toilet comfortably, then their problem with the Amber Disc probably has something to do with the size of the hole, since this is the only thing that changes between these discs.
:idea: To trick them into ignoring the hole, try placing a sheet of clear Perspex or plastic (even adhesive contact) accross the toilet bowl underneath the Amber disc. Show the cats that nothing can get through the hole (place some litter in it if need be). They should learn to ignore it. Then slowly slide the plastic accross to reveal the hole. [See the Tips and Tricks section for pics].
:idea: Place a stepping stool beside the toilet to provide them with a "viewing platform" and peace of mind.
:idea: Remove or restrict their access to "alternatives" like laundry baskets, etc. This may be hard because they seem to also be going in unusual places. This suggests that rather than just relieving themselves they are trying to communicate that they are stressed.
:idea: Use treats whenever they use the LK. This will decrease stress.
:idea: Whenever they do go in the wrong spot, actively ignore them. This is less damaging than other punishments, and should work really well on your cats, who seem to get lots of attention usually.
Hope these help!
Keep us informed as to their progress,
The Litter Kwitter Team.

Jennifer VB
November 7th 2006, 11:44 PM
Hi team, thanks for the reply -
stress? them or me?
I have tried placing the red disc into the bowl, with a little litter and it seems to work, but only when they are actually in the bathroom.
we have not punished the girls.
We put them in the ensuite when we have to go out.
3 nights ago, my husband was standing at the kitchen bench, a bill floated off the table, and a cat pounced on it and pee-d on it, right in front of us.
we have a step/stool in the bathroom at all times.
the only way to remove or restrict access to 'alternatives' is to keep them in the bathroom. (open plan home, no hallways limited doors)
even in the masters bedroom they pee on my books.

November 8th 2006, 06:35 PM
Hi Jennifer,
Hmm. Your situation certainly is interesting. Based on what you've said, I would really recommend trying the perspex reveal technique (first point in the reply above). There is a slideshow of it in one of the threads of the Tips and Tricks section.
The cats do seem stressed- especially the one that pulled the peeing on the bill stunt (I wonder if this would be an apt excuse to the debtor, a la "The dog ate my homework"?). Make sure that you give them some extra cuddles, at least when they have done nothing wrong. Further to this you may be inclined to visit your vet and get some Feliway spray. I believe it is a feline relaxant and can help with training.
There is also an intermediate Amber Disc we have made, which we can send you. It hads a smaller hole than the main Amber Disc, and you could use it after, or instead of, the perspex reveal technique.
To receive one, if you live in Australia send a self-addressed envelope (big and sturdy enough to contain the current Amber disc) with $4.00 worth of stamps to:
If you are overseas, please e-mail us at info@litterkwitter.com and we will arrange another method of postage payment.
Keep us informed,
The Litter Kwitter Team.