View Full Version : Taj just won't do it!

Taj Mahal
April 25th 2010, 02:28 AM
I bought the litter kwitter. Obviously. I moved her regular litter box up to the bathroom and set it on the floor for about two weeks. I switched it for the red plate and white holder thing, but left it on the ground. I switched it to the toilet and Taj was fine. I left it on the toilet for about three weeks. She was fine with that... In fact, she has the perfect posture: All four feet on the white and doing her business smack dab in the middle. I happened to be looking after some animals for some friends, and that freaked her out a bit, so when I switched her to the amber stage while the animals were still here, she would only poop and pee on the floor. Getting frustrated, I switched her back to the red stage, and things went back to normal. I left her on that for months. I just now switched her to the amber again, and she started pooping and peeing on the floor. I have tried putting her poop on the litter or in the water (with a paper towel) and she doesn't care. I call her into the bathroom, pull her onto my lap and let her explore the toilet at her own pace, and when she sits down and gets comfortable, I give her a treat. But apperantly the water can be somewhat offensive to beautiful, glossy black queens, (she is looking over my shoulder,) because she hissed at the water. Suggestions?

April 26th 2010, 09:48 AM
If she is okay with the size of the hole but just doesn't like the water, you can try putting the red disk down into the toilet bowl to cover the water. For my cats I had to put a mountain of litter on the red disk until it basically came right up to the hole in the amber disk, but you might be able to get away with not using much litter.

If it's the size of the hole she doesn't like, you can try buying the extra disks for the LitterKwitter that smooths out the transitions in the size of the holes. The extra amber disk has a much smaller hole than the regular amber disk. Or you could make your own hole-coverer out of a CD case or plexiglass sheet taped to the underside of the amber disk - over time you move the hole-coverer back bit by bit so the hole grows slowly.

Taj Mahal
April 28th 2010, 02:11 PM
I was giving up hope, but I think that might work!:D