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Miss Bud and Princess
October 12th 2006, 12:13 PM
Miss Bud and I have been using the LK for 17 days and have progressed very quckly, we are now on the green stage. Our mom has kept the LK very clean for us, she scubed it at least once a day. We are very happy to be here and so is mom. Our mom moved us along because Miss Bud being bigger than me would quite often pee on the floor (her butt would be right on the edge of the LK) what a mess. This happened right away on the red stage and 7 days into the amber stage I think this is why mom moved us onto the green stage. We have one little problem Miss Bud and I don't like to poop in the LK now (it was never a problem) we choose to go in the bath tub for easy clean up. As for the pee it has been in the toilet every time with no mess (mom doesn't have to clean the LK as much). Mom and Dad are so proud of us they give lots of treats for doing good.
If you have any ideas on making pooping in the toilet easier please let us know.
Thanks for reading

September 21st 2007, 09:14 AM
Can't help you with the pop question. My 2 are still on the red stage floor. Spice pees on the rim!!! Any suggestions for that?

September 21st 2007, 11:02 AM
The issues I've heard most often fall in the catagory of "positioning and slipping foot into water, and the kids don't like to get their feet wet, unless "they initiate the water play themselves".

Or it could be that the poo hitting the water may have gotten their butt wet. You could try reducing the water in the toilet bowl, and see if that helps. Won't say it is a "positive help" but it won't hurt, and you save water in the processs during training.

September 21st 2007, 09:07 PM
Do your cats play with the water? Did they investigate all the way to the water? Mine did, which is quite a mess, especially when the litter sticks to the paws... But on the other hand, they are not affraid of the water.
Could it be that you moved them along too quickly? I had done that as well, and then had to go back and redo a stage. We're now on green and I keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way...

Concerning the pee on the rim: does that cat understand what cat litter is for? Did it use the litter box before? Maybe you have to reposition your cat, try lots of treats...
We never did the LK on the floor, because we always had our litter box on the clean litter box, so it was always higher up and right next to the toilet. Maybe you could try that instead!