View Full Version : Solutions and Tips from our Graduates

October 11th 2006, 06:08 PM
Some training tips we have discovered or been sent by our customers or trainer with their cats in training. Some of these trainers & their cats have already graduated and passed on their pricelss tips; here are a few for you to try.
:idea: The Amber Reveal Technique: A simple perpex sheet cut to size and “blue tacked in” under the disc hole can be a easy solution for those slow learners that lodge a protest once the Amber disc has been introduced. Sliding the Perspex along ever so gradually can expose the hole & the water below more gradually and thus Kitty feels more accepting and less likely to continue his protest.
:idea: Placing the Previous disc under the new technique: Now this technique can be applied at any coloured disc during the training, for instance; red under the amber, or the amber under the green. The discs allow you to be flexible with your cat and go at his own pace.
:idea: Mix some natural chicken stock in with your cats water if they are holding on at any stage. This makes them drink more and need to "go" (no more putting it off!).