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February 16th 2010, 12:25 PM
Hi, I'm a little stuck on the red stage. Two cats in training; one is getting it, but the other always stands towards the middle, poops on the edge. Half the time that ends up on the floor. Has anyone else experienced this?

If I move on to amber, will this cat get it? Or will I need to correct his foot positioning somehow? Anyone had luck with a little remedial foot placement training?

Thanks for any help...

February 26th 2010, 12:34 AM
i found that when i moved onto amber they have to adjust where they stand and they naturally start going more in the middle. in the meantime i put puppy-training pads on the floor around the toilet because they always urinated off the edge of the seat and it helped keep the mess to a minimum.

good luck!

February 27th 2010, 03:55 AM
You shouldn't worry too much about positioning until you get to amber. The red stage is to get them used to jumping up onto the toilet and doing all their business in that location. Once they're on amber, they should naturally change their foot positioning. You should not move from amber to green until they are always putting 3-4 of their paws on the white rim.

My kitten was a natural at moving his paws onto the white rim once we got to amber - he was doing two paws by himself and would allow us to put his third and fourth paws up while he eliminated and very soon started putting them all up by himself. However I needed to build a barrier to get my adult cat to start putting her paws on the rim on amber; she wouldn't let us touch her at all while she eliminated so the barrier method was our only choice. It has worked fabulously though!

April 12th 2011, 02:27 PM
Hi Aurora, could you explain your barrier method in more detail? What it looks like, how you built it? Trying to help my Porter Kitty with his foot positioning.

April 12th 2011, 03:04 PM
Hi Idgie,

I had one boy cat who was a natural at positioning, and one girl cat who was very stubborn and always put all her paws in the litter. For her, I made a cardboard barrier that forced her to have her paws on the white rim because there wasn't enough room for her to do otherwise.

I want to say this though: I no longer feel that it is really necessary for a cat to have perfect positioning before moving on to the green stage, even though the LitterKwitter DVD and brochure recommend it. I think most cats figure out good positioning on their own once they move to the green stage. But there are some times when cats have truly terrible positioning and it seems like if they don't learn to position better they won't be able to progress. If you are really concerned about the positioning, the barrier method worked very well for my girl cat.

Word of warning: while the barrier method can very quickly and easily teach your cat the correct way to position, your cat might not like it and start avoiding the LK. My girl cat didn't mind it and it taught her how to position. But my boy cat hated it and he started pooping on the floor. He still peed on the LK with the barrier, but for pooping he likes to dig all the way around the disc in circles before he goes, and the barrier prevented him from doing that. Try to take into consideration how your cat(s) uses the LK before constructing a barrier so that you don't hamper their enjoyment of the LK.

I used the barrier for a few weeks and it made my girl cat position perfectly each time. So with this method I discovered she could position perfectly if she had to. I eventually took the barrier down, and as soon as I did she was back to putting all her feet in the litter! But, at least she knows the proper way even if she doesn't want to do it. We are on the final green stage now, and she positions properly about 25% of the time, and the rest of the time she puts her feet on the disc. I might bring the barrier back for a day or two before we move on to the white rim just to refresh her skills.

Here is a picture of the barrier setup, it is just a big piece of cardboard taped onto the LK on one end and onto the toilet tank on the other end. Since my girl cat liked to stand all in the litter, this barrier didn't give her enough room and she had to stand on the rim. Depending on your cat's positioning problem, you might choose to erect the barrier differently.