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September 24th 2006, 12:32 PM
I have two Burmese cats Valentino (we got them on Valentine's Day 2004, but they were born in November 2003) and Jester. They came from a breeder, so I never had the "pleasure" of litter training them to begin with and they've always been very good. Over the years I've changed litter trays and they've never had a problem. They are very picky though and they certainly let me know if they want their litter changed!!!
I picked up Litter Kwitter from the pet store on Thursday night, watched the DVD excitedly and set it up, taking away the old tray and putting the new one next to the toilet. Come morning I was excited to see they had urinated in it and later in the day they had also used it to poop. Both of my cats are jumpers and Jester particularly loves to be up high, so yesterday (Saturday) morning when I cleaned it out I thought I would just try putting it on the toilet. I checked it before I went out last night and they'd only urinated so I topped it up with more litter before I went out. I ended up staying at a friend's place so I came home early this morning and checked it. Both of them must have pooped because there was certainly a lot in there but the important thing is that I didn't find any "surprises" anywhere.
So far it's very promising. I'm so excited and proud of them! I bought them some new toys and treats and gave them lots of cuddles for being such brilliant kitties! I was reading some of the stories in the forum and I can't help but feel grateful that my cats are taking to it so well. I've been flushing the toilet around them and before I started the LK they would stand outside the toilet door and wait for me as I did my business so hopefully they'll be okay when the time comes to move them onto the Amber ring!
Most of all I look forward to a life without litter!!!

September 24th 2006, 12:39 PM
Update: I just this second caught Valentino using it! I was so proud of him and gave him big hugs. :D

September 25th 2006, 09:27 PM
Well Done, You have very smart kitties.
My Lilli was fairly quick but not that quick. It could be to do with their age.
Please continue to provide feedback because I get sad hearing all the challenging ones. You will give others and myself hope.
For my subject it is Lilli was on the white disc, now weeing everywhere.
Sarah & Lilli

September 28th 2006, 11:42 AM
Hi guys, always reward good behaviour with as food reward...Pit r Pats seem to be well liked. Never reward poor behaviour. Instead clear up and stay consistant...
:idea: Jo