View Full Version : one does, one doesn't

July 1st 2009, 01:53 PM
Ok, so i am training 2 cats. Phoebe my 9 1/2 mo old has the red disc down pat. Starbucks my 16 mo old will pee on the LK but will not poop. When he does poop its because he can't hold it any longer and i keep placing him on the toilet. Starbucks seems to knnow that he should poop on the LK but for some reason would rather go in the floor. I make sure that there is fresh litter in it, but that doesn't seem to help. I praise him and give him treat when he does a good job, but he could care less.. We have been at this for about a month now and are still on the red disc, which is fine. Is there something i should be doing? is there something i'm not doing? i would appreciate any advice.