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August 16th 2006, 05:44 PM
I have been using litter kwitter for about six weeks. We have two cats one of them (Phukee) is 18 months old, the other one (Sanook) is 8 months old. They are both spayed females. The older one has had lots of change in her life (we found her on a beach in Thailand with a wounded front foot and have brought her back to Australia to live with us) and she has always adjusted easily to the changes. She is missing a front paw but hops and limps along in life normally.
Except she doesn't like the litter kwitter. We kept the red phase for about four weeks, going occasionally to the orange phase and then back again because she just wouldn't use it, would hold on to her bladder until she looked like she was about to burst (or we let her outside).
We usually have her outside in the day; inside from dusk till dawn. So I got the idea that we could put the amber disk in the daytime and the red one at night so she could perhaps experiment in the day (when she had an option, ie outside) and then not get too stressed at night if she needed to go.
This seemed to work fine for about 2 weeks. She always urinates in the red disc right in the centre, so obviously she is standing in the right place. However, as soon as we put the amber disc on and place her on it to show her where to stand, she always ends up sticking one of her back legs down the hole and then panicking and scrambling off the toilet. This has happened about four times now and I am afraid that she has now associated the hole with a scary event.
Last night we thought, no, we will keep the amber disc on and if she needs to go to the toilet she will just have to get brave. So before we went to bed we could tell she wanted to go outside, but we didn't let her out. Then in the morning we thought she seemed relaxed and had clearly gone to the toilet. I went to have a look and sure enough someone had urinated in the hole. So we thought it was her. Then we later discovered the box of newspapers in the kitchen has been urinated in.
So it looks as if the one who used the toilet last night was the younger kitten (Sanook), who is quite comfortable in the amber phase and could probably move soon to the green phase, but clearly we need both of them to be comfortable before we move on.
Is there anything anyone can suggest? Are we doing anything wrong? Do we need to just be persistent or are there some cats that can simply never adjust to using litter kwitter?
Thanks in advance for your advice