View Full Version : Amber Stage Issues. Need Advice.

June 13th 2009, 04:12 AM

My kitty is now on the amber stage of the toilet training. She did great on the red stage. We spent a little more than 2 weeks at the red stage to ensure that she was comfortable with this new toileting routine.

We have now been on the amber stage for 8 days. She will urinate on the amber tray just fine. She has even been getting better at aiming for the hole in the tray so that her urine lands in the toilet.

However, she is not comfortable with having bowel movements on the amber tray. The first 3 days, she had bowel movements on the amber tray. Sometimes the bowel movements were partially in the amber tray and partially in the toilet. But now, she will not use the amber tray at all for her bowel movements. She goes beside the toilet or in front of the toilet for her bowel movements.

Does anyone have any advice on how to make her more comfortable with this stage so that she will have her bowel movements on the toilet?

June 16th 2009, 01:53 AM
Hi there...

If you search on this site,there is an entire thread dedicated to this topic...It is all abou helping cats that will pee on the LK but not #2..

Good luck...I am still on red, so I can't help other than that.

June 16th 2009, 01:55 AM
Here is the link to the area I was talking about...