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August 9th 2006, 05:01 AM
Hi -
I am in my first week of training my two cats on the LK. Unfortunately, this weekend I am going away for two days and will not be around to clean up the white seat and red disk that gets so dirty so fast.
I'm afraid of reverting to the litter box for those days and undoing the week of training I've already invested.
Any suggestions about how to handle it?
- Dylan

August 9th 2006, 08:30 PM
Good question.
I will be also be very interested to see if anyone has any ideas on this.
I fear that I am stuck at home until it is all over! :?

September 9th 2006, 10:09 AM
good question, lets take it to the wall. What about if we go on vacation for a week or two and have to put puss in a cattery, or worse what if puss gets sick & needs to go to the vet? I'm the inventor & I have faced these problems. The "what if" problems...
My family & I went on holidays up to the Great Barrier Reef (it was so lovely, opps sorry you European readers) anyway I went to the effort of getting a house sitter for Doogie (he owns me, he is the Litter kwitter spokescat) to avoid exposure to the dreaded litter box and when we all returned Doogie has urinated all over the house. On the sofa, in my daughters bed, on my computer everywhere but the toilet. I wondered if the housesitter had even bothered to turn up, but she's a friend and she did. Point I'm trying to make is that I could not anticipate or control what was going to happen. All I could do was try & be prepared. In hindsight I should have closed all the bedroom doors, the doors to the office. Basically you need to limit the area where puss can cause damage(if he is going to)& be aware you may walk into a mess on your return.
I do recommend Urine - off a enzymatic cleaner, check out www.urine-off.com This product is excellent and if you spay the LK with it daily it helps to keep the odour to a minimum.It is also great for any urine, past or new accidents. I'll let you learn about the merits of this product.
Oh & Doogie did return to the toilet but only after he had settled down upon our return and his routine was back in swing.
Moral to the story; be prepared, limit the area and accept it as part of training.
Hope this helps
:idea: Jo

December 13th 2006, 01:55 PM
:idea: Jo here
Doogie is going to the cattery over Xmas and he is using the portable LK!
I'm going to take pictures and have the carers take them while I'm away.