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August 8th 2006, 08:48 PM
I have just purchased Litterkwitter. Generally we used the clumping litter in their tray as it was easy to pick up with scoop. When my cats get to the amber disc obviously some litter is going to fall in the loo as well as the green. Is clumping litter going to be a prob in my septic tank (we do not live in the city) or should I use another type of litter? Please help.

August 9th 2006, 06:00 PM
I bought some eco litter from the pet store which is made of compressed wood (look like rabbit food pellets) and disintegrates in the toilet. The packaging even says its flushable. I will revert to this when we are at amber stage.
I also bought some Natty litter from the supermarket to try. This looks similar to the eco litter and is biodegradeable, but it doesn't disintegrate as well as the eco litter in the toilet pan.
At present I use a mixture of natty litter and clay litter as my girls have always had clay/clumping litter, I didn't want to present them with the eco litter and the LK at the same time I thought it might confuse them. Once the clay litter has finished I will revert to eco litter only.
We are still on the red stage too and little bits of litter do get in the pan which I can't help, but I have to be careful as I live in a unit and if I blocked up the pipes there would be hell to pay :cry:
Hope this helps.

August 15th 2006, 12:01 AM
We use the clumping typeof litter. I intially bought some rubber gloves to scoop the litter. I found that the clumping litter hd turned into sludge and easily flushed down the toilet.
I live in a highrise apatment. Am I asking for trouble. I don't think I am at this stage.

August 16th 2006, 08:14 PM
Most of us have the same questions and most answers can be found by reading thorugh the pages on this web site. There is also a search facility.
I remembered that Jo herself had already answered this one and searched for the answer for you as clumping clay litter is definitely a No No :twisted:

August 16th 2006, 08:15 PM
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[N.B: Original Reply by Jo Posted: 08 Jan 06 3:52 PM (Australia)]
Hi Jo here,
Try Breeders Choice, a bio - degradable paper litter. Available in most Supermarkets if you live in OZ. If not than any rice or organic litter can be purchased in the USA or Europe etc...
Remember that you should "blend" the new litter in with the old and then start increasing gradually the new mix over the next week or so.
***Clumping clay will block your plumbing if flushed down the loo.***
Best to wean your cat off clumping clay before commencing LK training.
P.S: Crystals Fizz!

August 26th 2006, 02:59 PM
We use clumping litter and I tried to change to the paper litter...Pippen hated it so I swapped to the crystels ....he hated that too so back to the clumping. When I see a build up of it in the bottom of the toilet I get a large spoon and try to get as much out off the toilet as possible. I've bought plastis spoons and just chuck them out after each use.

August 26th 2006, 11:50 PM
I also use the pellets type (For swedish readers the name is Toalätt). It works but the cats don't like it so much. It doesn't take away the smell so well.
First time I tried to toilet train my cats it failed. Now I started all over again. I changed to the pellets before even going to the red stage. I don't know what is best. Becaus the tray has to be as clean as possible for the cats to want to go there and if one has peed it feels I have to take that away and it's tricky if I don't want to throw everything away. So I'm trying now to have as little as possible on the tray so I can just flush it all everytime a cat has been there. Still they like when there is as much litter as possible.
Maybe it's better to change it just before going to the amber stage.
Good that it's cheep though, when I'm waisting so much.

August 28th 2006, 12:35 PM
Swheat Scoop! It's a flushable clumpling litter that has no harmful dust! I haven't yet bought LK, but I will...
My kitties rejected the pellet-type of natural litters! Swheat Scoop is a wheat product that can be bought at Target and PetsMart. Other places surely have it, too!
Good luck! All of your input is informative and inspiring!

August 30th 2006, 02:31 PM
Never use clumping clay - only use a litter that is organic or bio degradable. CLumping will block your pipes and in fact is the #1 problem with highrise apartments all over the world.
Jo :idea:

August 30th 2006, 10:08 PM
No, you misunderstood. It's ok. It's not clay, it's biodegradable (b/c it's wheat) and flushable. It "clumps" in the box just enough to hold things together--doesn't form a chunk of concrete! And once in toilet water, it breaks up. Sometimes I use the scooper to help break up the clumps.
Sorry for any confusion. It just occurred to me that you were replying not to me, but to the few earlier messages that mentioned clay. =)

September 8th 2006, 01:17 AM
Actually, the Breeders Choice Recycled Paper litter pellets are HIGHLY compacted, and can therefore, also cause a blockage - someone on this website reported this problem a while ago.
I changed to Dr Harry's Light & Easy Recycled Paper litter pellets which are NOT highly compacted (obviously they are also not as absorbent as the Breeders Choice - but - they won't block your toilet system and all the joy that that entails).
Max's litter which is like the wheat pellets you talk about - but is RICE based, also works fine and flushes fine - but it makes more noise when it hits the water than the paper pellets - and some cats find the noise distracting.
My two cents worth.