View Full Version : LK and body shape (esp pear-shaped)

May 3rd 2009, 03:06 AM
Do ya'll find the LK works equally well for cats of all sizes and shapes? I'd think that since not all cats are the same, their preferred foot arrangment probably various also. For example, my maine coon has a very butt-heavy pear shape, so for pooping (we're on amber) she puts her front paws further back and leans forward over them to try to counterbalance her very heavy rear end. It seemed like our long sleek cat, with a more central center of gravity, got into position much more casually. Or so it seemed.

We're now down to just the pear shaped cat and I was tinkering with ideas for modifying our LK to increase the foot area to help her balance, so today I was surprised to see some old posts talking about putting down the seat to make the foot area *smaller*.

Anyway, any thoughts about body size with relation to ease-of-foot-placement? I should mention that our cat has made it quite clear that she will take no part in the potty dance, so we've got to figure out how to help her figure it out herself.


May 3rd 2009, 05:04 AM
I have two maine coons, a boy and a girl(over 14 lbs and 13 lbs) and they both have different positions when they use the LK. My boy was always able to adjust to different tray to find his own position and he is now using the white rim comfortably. He does have a tendency to lean forward when he does his #2 but he manages to balance himself. My girl had a little trouble with her pee position as she always tended to pee towards the back of the tray. I corrected her by pushing her butt forward when she peed. Her pooping position was okay. She is now on green with 2 front paws on the white rim. I still have to figure out how to get her to use the white rim alone!

If your cat would let you touch her then you can correct her position at the later of the stage when she has no accident and uses the Lk consistantly. I found it almost impossible to correct them when they poop, so you would have to teach your cat when she pees or when she is not using the LK. I had put my girl on the tray and held her paws on the white rim to explain the right position and after a few times, she got the idea and started to do it herself! You don't have to potty dance your cat to correct her position. You only potty dance when they don't want to use the Lk. It is to prevent them to defecate elsewhere! No cat wants to volunteer to take part in the potty dance. It is the owner's last resort!