View Full Version : YAY! Tara catches on quick

February 10th 2009, 12:20 PM
I just recieved my LK less than a week ago! I was so excited b/c soon I won't have to worry about litter....although the wheat/flushable litter I have now is not so bad. I didn't watch the video first so I immediately took out the litter maid and cleaned up all the mess and attached the LK onto the toilet with the red disk. I then got Tara and put her on it and started petting her and she sniffed around and started purring. Usually when I show her a new potty she immediately runs off. She instantly started using the LK and w/in 4 days she has started to get her wees and poos in the middle. I will probably switch her to the amber disk the weekend since I am currently working twelves. Anyways, I didn't think she would catch on so quick since we have had problems with her and the litter maid. No accidents to date and she seems to really like the LK a lot more than her former waste containment box. I'll make sure to update this weekend once I make the change to amber. Although looking back she has always been interested in the toilet, everytime we flush ours she runs in and sticks her head in the bowl and watches the water. Anyways I'm super excited about the LK and Tara and to everyone else keep it up and don't get discouraged!:mrgreen: