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December 31st 2008, 10:13 AM
I've got a 15 week old Male Bengal kitten called Kyuubi who I've had for about 3 weeks now. I think he's actually quite bright because within a week he'd realise that if I say "ouch" or "gentle" when we're playing, that he needs to retract his claws. Today whilst playing with him, he discovered the game of fetch, as he's known for a little while now that if I'm not touching the toy it won't move by itself, so he's taken to bringing the toy to me, even if I throw it to the other side of the room! He also learned very quickly what bacon flavored crisp packets look like - I can't keep him away from the things! He loves those frazzles!

Anyway, when I first got him, I put the litter box in my bedroom (I have a very small flat, and he's locked out of the lounge/kitchen as it's freezing in there and *I* stay out of there as much as possible too!). Despite the change of litter type from the breeders, he was fine and there were no accidents other than a little wee on my pillow on the first night, which I put down to excitement because we were playing. He didn't even squat or anything, and I caught it all on video, although I didn't realise he was even going for a wee at the time! I removed the pillows for a couple of days, and he hasn't done it since. I also intervene when the digging at the pillow gets too frantic, and occasionally spray febreeze (fabric freshener/deodoriser) there, which seems to keep him away.

A couple of days later I moved his litter box to the bathroom, showed him where it was, and then left him to it. Again, no accidents, even though on the same day I actually put a smaller litter tray inside the massive litter box so I wouldn't be using up so much litter. He didn't care at all!

About a week later I discovered the LK, and ordered it. Reading a review on Amazon one guy said he'd raised his litter box up to toilet height first, so I started putting a couple of magazines under his litter box, which he seemed to have no problem with. I did this only until the LK arrived, and the litter box was no more than half way as high as the toilet seat, probably more like a third of the height actually.

The day I got the LK (yesterday) I put it on the toilet with the red stage filled with litter. I had left the normal litter box though, and caught him weeing in it. I then realised that I must have been playing with Kyuubi and not paying attention to the video when they said take the litter tray away! I did that, and prayed. Later that evening, Kyuubi was running around the flat and meowing in a strange manner. He seemed to be investigating every corner, and generally making a lot of noise. I assumed he needed the toilet so I put him on the LK, but each time he would jump off. I doubted whether the meows were for attention (he's quite vocal and meows even if he just wants to be played with) or for toilet business, so I just waited to see! I did on random occasion just pick him up, take him out to the bathroom and put him on to the litter just to make sure he knew where it was.

Around 2am (I'm very much a night owl) he finally took a wee in the red stage, and did a bit of digging, showering litter pellets on to the floor. I gave him some cuddles when I noticed he'd been, but again it was probably too late to associate it with the deed! I noticed when using litter box that kyuubi has no problem using the litter again if he's been for a wee, so I just added a little more litter instead of completely cleaning it. I figured his smell might remind him that it was the toilet. I have no idea what his preferences are to poop, as I've only had him about 3 weeks, and a lot of that I've been off work, so would I often scoop the poop as soon as he's finished in the box. I'd definately do it at least once a day, and he only seems to poo once a day at most.

Today, he did a lot of meowing when I woke up, but I had to go out almost immediately. There was no more business in the LK since the night before, so I went out. When I came back there were some massive poos in the red ring. He'd dug so much at the litter he'd scooped one of the poos on to the floor, but I was so proud he'd even been up there at all, I gave him some more tickles and some of his favourite cat milk, although again it was probably too late for him to associate the treat with his good deed!

After I cleaned his LK and replaced the litter in it, I decided to put the toilet seat down over the white part of the LK. That was a couple of hours ago. A minute ago I heard digging, and went to investigate. He was sat inside the toilet seat on the litter, taking a wee. He noticed me immediately, but seemed to continue, so I tiptoed in and gave him a light stroke and commended him. Then I left to find a treat, and distracted him from digging too much afterwards by showing him the treat, which had him off the toilet in a jiffy!

I'm seriously hoping the rest of the training goes as well as getting him to use the LK has been! I just need to work out how he's comfortable with the current stage so I can figure out when to move on. I don't want to go too slow and get him into a routine with the red stage, but don't want to go too fast and confuse him, thus starting what for some people seems to be an endless circle of defecation on everything but the LK!

Sorry for my overly long first post! :)

June 11th 2009, 02:53 AM
Hello :)

Seems like you have a smart guy there!

Your post gives me hope..we are just staring out.

thanks for the great post!!